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In the News: Videos

Changing things up a bit today. Some videos I enjoyed…hoping you will too! *** Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead TrailerAwesome new documentary – (via Civil Eats) *** Official Let’s Move! video featuring Beyonce! (via Obama Foodorama) Sometimes I want to break into song and dance around the cafeteria too — I just don’t look as good […]

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Ups and Downs in Food News

I hope you enjoy some of the news items I’ve found on the web for you today: School Lunch(Up!) Improving School Lunch Without a Fully Working School Kitchen (NYC Green Schools)(Up!) School Dinners in the UK (Jackie’s School Food Blog)(Up!) How to get involved: School lunch (Marion Nestle) (Down!) Does NCLB Contribute to Obesity? (The Lunch Tray) […]

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Ups and Downs in Food News (with exclamation points!)

I’m always reading blogs and news. I’ll get general headlines from Google News and Yahoo! News and then I read/skim blogs on my Google Reader (here’s a tutorial on how to set it up). Watching the news on the TV is too depressing. Do I want to hear about the latest violent crimes one after another? No. […]

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Banning home lunches (take two)

When I blogged about the banning of home lunches on Monday, it was in an attempt to understand what would cause a principal to do that. At face value it seems screwy — what was their logic? To ban lunches from home they must have been truly horrific. No principal would go to that extreme if they hadn’t […]

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Jamie Oliver Food Revolution 2 and yummy school lunch!

Bring on the reality TV! Tonight is the season premiere of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Season TWO! It will be on ABC 8/7c. To get a sneak peak of what to expect this season, you can visit ABC’s Food Revolution’s official website and watch a cool video. These past two days I’ve been attending Mom Congress […]

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Banning home lunches

Today a school in Chicago made news for banning lunches from home, forcing all their students to eat school lunch. Um, wow. This sounds bad. But can we be sure that home lunches are healthy and satisfying? Here are two recent examples from my students: Lunch example 1: Two donuts.Lunch example 2: A ham sandwich on […]

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Food dyes, revisited

During my blogging break, the FDA took a look at food dyes in our food system. Then they decided to do precisely nothing. No bans.No warnings.Business as usual. Well, at least the FDA no longer can claim plausible deniability. No longer can they disavow knowledge of artificial, petroleum-based food dyes and what many smart people think they […]

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Submit your comment to the USDA

The USDA announced new school lunch guidelines back in January. The new USDA guidelines would: Establish the first calorie limits for school meals. Gradually reduce the amount of sodium in the meals over 10 years, with the eventual goal of reducing sodium by more than half. Ban most trans fats.   Require more servings of fruits […]

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