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Radio interview

A couple weeks ago Jason Croft of Sidetrack contacted me and requested an interview. I decided to do it. You can find the podcast of my interview with him here: http://will.illinois.edu/sidetrack February 2010 Before you click:* The interview starts around minute 5:00 and lasts about 10 minutes.* I was very nervous and so I stumble […]

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January Recap

Every month I complete of my project, I’m going to write a reflective follow-up on what happened (please pardon me that we are already one week into February): January Stats:18 school lunches eaten included: (4 – pizza lunches) (2 – hot dog lunches) (2 – chicken patties) (2 – cheese sandwiches) (2 – pasta dishes) (1 – PB&J that I will […]

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Ad free for now

Thank you for all who voted in the poll. Eighty-one percent of you believe I should put ads on the blog. I’m going to wait and see. Reasons are: 1) Ads don’t jive with the purpose of the blog I’ve started this “guerilla” undercover lunch project… and then you guys, my readers, get some weird off-beat […]

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Skipped lunch

Shot from Day 2: the paper containers and their ironic message I did not eat school lunch today. I should inform all my amazing and devoted readers that there will be large bunches of days in February (and throughout the year actually) where I will not be eating school lunch due to absences (family commitments), […]

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Day 18: chicken patty

Today’s menu: chicken patty, whole wheat bun, fruit jello, beans, milkI ate it all. The fruit jello was ok too.  Like I’ve said before, the beans were bland. The patty was a patty. Not a bad lunch considering what this week was like.

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To monetize or not to monetize

It was suggested by a close friend that I add Google AdSense to the blog and then donate the proceeds to a Farm to School initiative or another group. I’m getting enough traffic here that I could raise a couple hundred dollars per month just based upon people landing on the site (clicking not required). […]

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Day 17: pizza

Today’s menu: pizza, carrots, milk, ranch dressing, apple I felt under the weather so I ate half of today’s lunch. I brought some very plain food from home to supplement because of my queasy stomach, I realized that I can’t post pictures of the menu because it has identifying info on it… hmm *** I’ve […]

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Day 16: peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Today’s menu: peanut butter and jelly graham cracker sandwich, apple juice, fruit cup (peaches), milk I could barely eat this meal so I didn’t. And then I was deliriously ravenous driving to get my little one. And then it got worse. I got sick when I got home. I can’t say what exactly did it. […]

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