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An update

courtesy: yesvegetarian.com got health? My regular doctor recommended that I see a doctor in the practice that specializes in Integrative Medicine. My appointment was last week. It’s awkward to tell people about the blog. In this case, it was easier because after I spilled my guts, the doctor said, “I’ve been to your blog.” Meeting in […]

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How you doin’?

How you doin’? It’s been almost three weeks since I stopped eating school lunches. How’m I doin’? Better. Since those test results revealed that my body is not happy eating gluten and dairy (non-Celiac gluten sensitivity), I knew that after the project I would have to remove gluten and dairy completely from my diet, to see if my digestive issues would go away. Starting with the […]

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Day 160: hamburger and other tidbits

Today’s menu: hamburger, whole wheat buns, potato wedges, apple and a lot of ketchup When the plastic came off over the burger compartment, there was this aroma. It was the smell of processed meat. I turned away and told myself, “Just a few more days.” To choke it down, I had to use a lot of […]

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Day 153: bagel dog and Eat Along Challenge

Today’s menu: bagel dog, fries, fruit cup I smelled it. About 20 feet from the cafeteria, I smelled dough. And then the aroma of hot dog followed. Gulp. One of the lunch ladies offered me a choice: bagel dog or chili. I could have chosen the chili, but another teacher just bought the chili in front of me. […]

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Day 150: cheeseburger and my metamorphosis

Today’s menu: cheeseburger, whole wheat buns, baked beans, pear The patty looks odd, right? I’m puzzled as to how the cheese got pock-marked. It almost looks like it was dribbled on there, but I think that it must have been placed on as a slice and then it melted during the (re)heating process…then the condensation […]

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Day 145: salisbury steak and a thank you

Today’s menu: salisbury steak, spinach, bread, fruit cup Processed meat…yummy… it’s hard to choke it down, but I ate the whole patty. I’m able to do that because I make sure I’m really hungry at lunch. Some of you have wondered if I pack my own lunch in addition to buying school lunch. You don’t […]

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Sick Day Randomness (plus giveaway winners!)

No one slept last night (Wednesday night). The little one has an ear infection. At about 3 am I realized that it would be really hard for me to be coherent at work. When I woke up dizzy at 8 am, I thought about pushing myself to work even though I’d be late…. but it would have […]

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Day 104: pizza

Today’s menu: pepperoni pizza (whole wheat/grain crust), fruit cup (pears/pineapple), baby carrots, ranch dressing Oh hi pizza, we’ve been there done that before, eh? Remember when Brave New Lunch told us pizza like this has 62 ingredients? Oh yes, that was a revelation. So good, down to the last 62nd filler! Seriously though, the pizza is […]

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