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Day 162: pizza and this one is dedicated to the lunch ladies

Today’s menu: pizza, salad, fruit cup The last lunch. I never thought I’d make it this far. I was convinced even to the very last lunch that I would get found out. How is is possible that no one discovered me? I’m searching for an answer. Months and months ago, back in March, I chatted […]

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Day 161: creamy pasta and a video blog for you

Today’s menu: creamy bow tie pasta, green beans, pear, bread, butter, cookie That was actually really good. Tasty even. A new menu item, well, that’s pretty rare. I wonder why they decided to debut it so late in the year — bring it back next year, it was good. The pear was an amazing color. […]

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Day 160: hamburger and other tidbits

Today’s menu: hamburger, whole wheat buns, potato wedges, apple and a lot of ketchup When the plastic came off over the burger compartment, there was this aroma. It was the smell of processed meat. I turned away and told myself, “Just a few more days.” To choke it down, I had to use a lot of […]

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Day 159: chicken nuggets and the giveaway winners

Today’s menu: chicken nuggets, broccoli, fruit cup, bread and butter I never thought I’d feel relieved to see chicken nuggets on the tray, but after yesterday’s lunch I felt almost happy. They didn’t taste half-bad, but I did a double take. I couldn’t remember if before I’d had four and now it was three. Looking back I […]

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Day 158: peanut butter & jelly "sandwich" !!

Today’s menu: peanut butter and jelly sandwich, juice, fruit cup Oh My God! It’s baaaack!! I guess the universe decided to stick it to me one last time before 2010 ended. How appropriate that I’m eating this meal on the day that President Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (Child Nutrition Act) into law! You can […]

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Day 157: popcorn chicken and Eat Along Challenge (#5)

Today’s menu: popcorn chicken, peas/carrots, orange, bread (kids get two slices) Popcorn chicken. Hmm. I still don’t get how it’s like popcorn (one of my favorite foods of all time by the way). In fact, I’m insulted on behalf of popcorn. Squirts of chicken foam covered in breading and…baked? fried? I guess I’ll never know. It’s a […]

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Day 156: pasta and The Eat Along Challenge (#4)

Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, spinach, breadstick, pear I smiled. Seeing the pasta on the tray was like greeting a friend. It was the first meal I had way back on Day 1. It’s hard to believe that I’ve eaten this much school food and lasted this long. Frankly, I thought for sure I would […]

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Day 155: pizza and Eat Along Challenge (#3)

Today’s lunch: pizza, carrots, popcorn chips, fruit cup (see below — it didn’t get in the first shot) I’m, like, so sick of pizza, dude. But I ate it anyway (SEVEN MORE LUNCHES TO GO). It tasted ok. I’m trying to think positive now. I’m mostly successful. Today I felt a lot of joy. I’m […]

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