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Day 139: chili and paper ingredients

Today’s menu: chili, tortilla chips, corn/carrots, fruit cup Do you spy what I spy? Yep, a paper tray. I really couldn’t believe my eyes. I gasped. Styrofoam is the go-to when there’s a dishwashing issue or if the lunch ladies put together a lunch for me when they see me enter the cafeteria (before I grab an […]

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Day 118: chili (and food waste)

Today’s menu: chili, mixed corn and carrots, tortilla chips, peach fruit cup The fruit cup was frozen solid. That white thing on top? A pimple of ice. I laughed out loud when I peeled back the foil. Totally inedible in that state. So I let it sit on my desk all day and had it as […]

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Day 93: salisbury steak

Today’s menu: salisbury steak, bread, corn, pineapple fruit cup, milk A teacher stopped me as I was walking with my lunch and said, “I wish they served mashed potatoes with that.” You and me both! Mashed potatoes and corn is a beautiful pairing. My great-grandmother loved to mix mashed potatoes and corn together. I guess […]

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Day 71: salisbury steak

Today’s menu: salisbury steak, bread, corn, apple, milk I can eat this stuff fast now. I can wipe the butter on the bread without a knife and gobble it down (kids get two slices). I can shovel corn and chomp an apple. The “steak” is not my fave, but I can eat it right up. […]

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Day 64: bean burrito

Today’s menu: bean burrito, corn, applesauce, cookie, milk Yeah for something new! I had a bean burrito and you know what? It was tasty. I want to have it again. And there were identifiable beans in the burrito. I tried to take a shot of the inside of the burrito, but I couldn’t get a […]

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Day 53: salisbury steak

Today’s menu: salibury steak, bread, butter, corn, peach fruit cup There you go. That’s what I ate. I don’t know what else to say aside from that was no steak. But I’ve never been a steak or a beef person. (I love bread and butter though) I moderate comments on blog posts older than 3-4 […]

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Day 43: cheeseburger

Today’s menu: cheeseburger, corn, peach fruit cup, popcorn chips, milk I’m feeling so yellow after this meal. Can you get over how everything is the same color? And then there’s two corn-based sides… I love popcorn. It started because of my Grandma, who was a popcorn fanatic and ate it whenever she watched a movie. […]

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Day 33: chicken teriyaki (!)

Today’s menu: chicken teriyaki, rice (!) with peas (!) and egg bits (!), corn, two slices bread, butter, peach fruit cup I love Japanese food. So when I stabbed the plastic covering with my spork, I was surprised that the aroma smelled like teriyaki. But upon biting into the chicken, it did not taste like […]

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