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Day 161: creamy pasta and a video blog for you

Today’s menu: creamy bow tie pasta, green beans, pear, bread, butter, cookie That was actually really good. Tasty even. A new menu item, well, that’s pretty rare. I wonder why they decided to debut it so late in the year — bring it back next year, it was good. The pear was an amazing color. […]

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Day 148: turkey and feeling grateful

Today’s menu: turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, bread, pear, cookie When I first saw the main dish, I thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of turkey!” I love eating turkey. While I was paying (and before I visually scanned the line) I asked, “Are there mashed potatoes too?” The lunch lady said, “No, it’s sweet potatoes!” Terrific! I took […]

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Day 137: sloppy joes and average joes

Today’s menu: sloppy joe meat, rice/beans, banana, cookie, whole wheat buns Never underestimate the power of hot food. The sloppy joe meat was good. It was a restorative lunch. Getting the banana today was a sweet bonus.  From the banana’s perspective there is a lot to think about! *** I develop my nightly post in my head while […]

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Day 133: cheeseburger with a side of twitter

Today’s menu: cheeseburger, whole wheat buns (not pictured), banana, baked beans, cookie There’s today’s lunch. I grabbed the cookie not the buns. I ate the patty, the beans, and the banana: My trash I chatted with the kids about this lunch and I got the usual “tell-her-what-she-wants-to-hear” spiel (that’s one of the reasons why I […]

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Day 121: tex-mex (and a lunch packing update)

Today’s menu: tex-mex over brown rice, green beans, a cookie, a banana (and I somehow grabbed a muffin — it’s not on the menu) So as I was going down the line today, I grabbed everything and I got an extra grain — the corn muffin. It wasn’t on the menu and I’m not sure […]

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Day 103: quesadilla

Today’s menu: quesadilla, orange, baked beans, oatmeal cookie I was given a choice of cheese sandwich (whole wheat bread!) or quesadilla. I decided on the quesadilla because I had never eaten one before. I think it was a good move. The cheese didn’t seem to be as processed as the stuff in the cheese sandwiches […]

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The perfect chocolate chip cookie

A very good friend visited who I hadn’t seen for a long time. She came bearing cookies her boyfriend baked for us. Can you say marry that man NOW?! (Aside to my friend: he doesn’t have to know you’re marrying him for the cookies…it can be a secret between you, me and my other three readers!)  […]

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Day 96: bagel dog

Today’s menu: bagel dog, tater tots, peach(!), cookie, milk The lunch that started it all…the bagel dog meal that I ate last Fall was what got me thinking… The bagel dog that launched a thousand school lunch photos… A commenter wanted to see some of the trash so I took some extra shots. I’ll try […]

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