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Day 155: pizza and Eat Along Challenge (#3)

Today’s lunch: pizza, carrots, popcorn chips, fruit cup (see below — it didn’t get in the first shot) I’m, like, so sick of pizza, dude. But I ate it anyway (SEVEN MORE LUNCHES TO GO). It tasted ok. I’m trying to think positive now. I’m mostly successful. Today I felt a lot of joy. I’m […]

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Day 143: patty melt and a mentor

Today’s menu: patty melt (whole wheat bread), baked beans, fruit cup, popcorn chips I took the meat out of the sandwich and ate that. There was cheese on the patty of which I neglected to take a picture. The cheese had soaked into the bread quite a bit. Putting the patty melt in a plastic bag (crossing […]

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Day 139: chili and paper ingredients

Today’s menu: chili, tortilla chips, corn/carrots, fruit cup Do you spy what I spy? Yep, a paper tray. I really couldn’t believe my eyes. I gasped. Styrofoam is the go-to when there’s a dishwashing issue or if the lunch ladies put together a lunch for me when they see me enter the cafeteria (before I grab an […]

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Day 128: pizza and produce flash mobs

Today’s menu: pizza, salad, popcorn chips, apple. Yeah for salad and a real apple (love that the apple had a longer stem — evidence of the tree!)…. Also notice that the popcorn chips are clearly marked “gluten free.” Great information on ingredients for me! Confession: I didn’t eat the pizza. For the first time since January, I […]

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Day 126: taco meat and a lunch lady’s new adventure!

Today’s menu: taco meat, tortilla chips, fruit cup (pears), peas and carrots So this lunch *could* be practically gluten-free. I don’t have access to the ingredients, but if it’s just taco meat without fillers or “natural flavors” (which might contain gluten), the chips are 100% corn, the fruit cup doesn’t have wheat, and neither do the […]

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Day 118: chili (and food waste)

Today’s menu: chili, mixed corn and carrots, tortilla chips, peach fruit cup The fruit cup was frozen solid. That white thing on top? A pimple of ice. I laughed out loud when I peeled back the foil. Totally inedible in that state. So I let it sit on my desk all day and had it as […]

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Day 113: bagel dog (with a side of educational reform)

Today’s menu: bagel dog, fries, sun chips, fruit cup (it was frozen — which doesn’t happen that often actually). I’m not a fan of the bagel dog. It’s not “real” food in my opinion. But I ate it. Not all the bread though because it was mushy. The picture below is of the inside of the bagel […]

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Day 112: pizza

Today’s menu: cheese pizza, salad, orange, popcorn chips. I’m so excited about the return of salad! I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth and wish for more veggies (like you guys commented on last week Friday). Anyway, I was happy again. I just couldn’t eat the whole pizza today, but I ate […]

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