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Day 149: chicken teriyaki, art, recess and The Eat Along Challenge

Today’s menu: chicken teriyaki, rice with peas and egg, carrots, applesauce, breadstick Chicken patty teriyaki is one of my favorite main dishes. I thought it tasted fine — definitely better than some of the other stuff I have eaten this year. I imagine that this would be one of the more expensive dishes compared to say the hot dog […]

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Day 142: chicken parm, liberty, and justice for all

Today’s menu: chicken parm, garlic bread, salad, fruit cup So I looked down and today’s lunch (see first picture) and thought, “what are those white things?” They are onions in the tomato sauce on top of the chicken patty in case you wondered. The chicken tasted juicy; however, you can see that it’s not pure […]

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Day 130: chicken parm, white bread, and PACK

Any guesses? Chicken parm! Today’s menu: Chicken parm, carrots, breadstick, applesauce. What happened to that chicken? It was hardly appetizing when I looked at it through the film. Then I opened peeled off the plastic and just shrugged. I shudder to think how many main entrees went right into the trash. Unfortunately I can’t be […]

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Day 127: chicken patty, styrofoam postcards, and Waldorf Schools

Today’s menu: chicken patty, raw broccoli, peach fruit cup, buns Looky here, we’ve got raw broccoli! I opened up the package and just poured it into my mouth. In chatting with a random sample of three kids, two of the three told me they ate the broccoli. I like that the broccoli is not in a sturdy […]

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Day 109: chicken teriyaki

Today’s menu: chicken teriyaki, rice mixed with peas and eggs, carrots, applesauce, breadstick I cleaned my “plate” today — I was so hungry. I took a bite of the chicken patty and my mouth recognized something familiar: there was a real chuck of chicken in my patty! I took a picture (below). I don’t remember […]

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Day 102: chicken parm – back in the saddle again!

Today’s menu: chicken parmesan, garlic bread, peas/carrots blend, (red) applesauce, (milk – not pictured as I’m lactose-intolerant for those new to the blog) Today I guess I’m like Gene Autry strumming a guitar singing “Back in the saddle again.” He’s got a horse and I’ve got a spork! The garlic bread and the peas/carrots were fine. […]

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Day 97: chicken teriyaki

Today’s menu: chicken teriyaki, rice (with peas and egg), bread, carrots, fruit cup, milk Yeah for rice! I’m shocked at how infrequently it appears in school lunches considering it’s a staple for billions of people every day. I guess that there isn’t much of a “rice lobby” in Washington. This serving of rice wasn’t enough […]

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Day 85: chicken parm

Today’s menu: chicken parm, garlic bread, broccoli, apple The chicken got a little “over-toasted” there, but it was ok. I just eat fast. I like the garlic bread (I’m a big fan of the homemade stuff). The broccoli was probably reheated too many times because it lost some of its color and texture. Limp broccoli […]

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