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Day 159: chicken nuggets and the giveaway winners

Today’s menu: chicken nuggets, broccoli, fruit cup, bread and butter I never thought I’d feel relieved to see chicken nuggets on the tray, but after yesterday’s lunch I felt almost happy. They didn’t taste half-bad, but I did a double take. I couldn’t remember if before I’d had four and now it was three. Looking back I […]

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Day 157: popcorn chicken and Eat Along Challenge (#5)

Today’s menu: popcorn chicken, peas/carrots, orange, bread (kids get two slices) Popcorn chicken. Hmm. I still don’t get how it’s like popcorn (one of my favorite foods of all time by the way). In fact, I’m insulted on behalf of popcorn. Squirts of chicken foam covered in breading and…baked? fried? I guess I’ll never know. It’s a […]

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Day 151: chicken nuggets and Murphy’s Law

Today’s menu: chicken nuggets, collard greens, fruit cups, cornbread muffin NUGGETS! Get your nuggets while you can! Going fast! I chowed down. I was so hungry, I barely even remember entering the cafeteria and buying my lunch. All I could see was FOOD and I was ready to eat it. Since I plan to never again eat […]

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Day 140: chicken nuggets and catching up with Mr. Q

Today’s menu: chicken “fingers,” broccoli, apple, bread (kids take two for their two servings of grain) Hey, not a bad lunch! Fresh broccoli and fresh apples. The chicken finger/nuggets were on the dry side, but allright…I’m concerned that they have the same kind of fillers that chicken nuggets have just with a different name. Interesting article on the […]

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Day 138: popcorn chicken and lunch lady conversations

Today’s menu: popcorn chicken, peas/carrots, bread (kids took two slices), pear I have to admit I was a little crestfallen to see the popcorn chicken. Like I’ve said before I try not to look at the menu to keep it a surprise as well as to approximate the experience of non-reading students, but they are […]

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Day 132: chicken nuggets and school lunch news

Today’s menu: chicken nuggets, grapes, greens and cornbread I ended up eating quite a few of the greens, more than I ever had eaten before. Eh, they don’t get better by eating more and still haven’t grown on me. I didn’t get a chance to photograph my trash today because I was called away from […]

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Day 119: guesses?

Can you guess what this is? I looked at the main course through the plastic and I was like, “What the…” * * * * * * * * Take a stab at it… * * * * * * * * * * * Chicken tenders Today’s menu: chicken “tenders,” bread, fresh carrots, fruit […]

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Day 111: chicken nuggets

Today’s menu: chicken nuggets (baked), collard greens, corn muffin, grapes I made sure to look over the menu (yesterday was not “rib-b-que” but “meatloaf,” which really makes no difference at all — it’s just a name) and noticed that the chicken nuggets say “baked.” That is good, but they are still nuggets full of fillers. The […]

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