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Lunch Wrap Up: Week of June 6th

The school year is two days shy of being over for the summer. I feel bone tired. These past couple nights I’ve allowed myself to go to bed early. It seems to have made my fatigue worse. Right now I feel like I can barely move. By the way, I picked up our very first […]

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Lunch Wrap Up: Week of May 30th

This week First Lady Michelle Obama launched Let’s Move! Child Care (covered in the Washington Post). I’m excited about the focus on early nutrition in a place where many kids spend most of their day, including my son. The First Lady and I are doing the two-step — I started in eating school lunch every […]

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Lunch Wrap Up: Week of May 23rd

I got my hands on the June menu and there is more variety. Ice cream is out, frozen yogurt is in. Hummus, hard boiled eggs, vegetable soup, pinto beans, etc are on the menu. I’m one week delayed with posting of our lunches so when I get to June, you’ll be able to read what they […]

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Changing Day Care Food (Part three)

Click here to read part one and part two of this series. The results of the survey were sent home with every child. What I loved about the survey was that the day care listed every food item they have on their menu, they added more information about the food (canned versus fresh fruit), and then asked […]

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Lunch Wrap Up: Week of May 16th (plus updates)

Brief updates: 1. Site redesign – I’m excited to announce that it’s coming soon. For those of you who subscribe via RSS, I’ll be giving you instructions on how to continue subscribing. Unfortunately this feed won’t automatically be redirected to the new URL, which is also forthcoming. Hang in there! 2. Daycare food update – Holy cow, […]

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Changing Day Care Food (Part two)

So where did I leave off again…. Oh yeah, the day care called me at work. Every working mom dreads the phone call from day care. The moment of panic when you see you missed a call from the day care. Immediately you fear the worst. I picture my little boy sweaty with a fever, […]

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Lunch Wrap Up: Week of May 9th

Last month my dad said this to me, “You’re a yuppie mom feeding your child a fad diet.” Frankly, it made me chuckle and roll my eyes. My dad is a loving guy, but blunt and pretty rude. He shoots his mouth off all the time. Luckily for him, my husband wasn’t around because he would have […]

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Changing Day Care Food (Part one)

I finally got around to doing something about the lunches at my son’s day care. I had to turn in a bunch of annual forms. So I wrote them a letter about the food, which I dropped off on last week Monday with my son and the rest of what they needed. Writing a letter […]

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