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Day 159: chicken nuggets and the giveaway winners

Today’s menu: chicken nuggets, broccoli, fruit cup, bread and butter I never thought I’d feel relieved to see chicken nuggets on the tray, but after yesterday’s lunch I felt almost happy. They didn’t taste half-bad, but I did a double take. I couldn’t remember if before I’d had four and now it was three. Looking back I […]

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Day 141: hamburger and "year round" school

Today’s menu: hamburger, whole wheat buns, broccoli, banana, ketchup I’ve had this meal many times before just like most of the other lunches I’ve eaten. I was a little surprised to have broccoli again today considering I just had it yesterday, but I think it was a last minute substitution. It was in sharp contrast to […]

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Day 140: chicken nuggets and catching up with Mr. Q

Today’s menu: chicken “fingers,” broccoli, apple, bread (kids take two for their two servings of grain) Hey, not a bad lunch! Fresh broccoli and fresh apples. The chicken finger/nuggets were on the dry side, but allright…I’m concerned that they have the same kind of fillers that chicken nuggets have just with a different name. Interesting article on the […]

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Day 127: chicken patty, styrofoam postcards, and Waldorf Schools

Today’s menu: chicken patty, raw broccoli, peach fruit cup, buns Looky here, we’ve got raw broccoli! I opened up the package and just poured it into my mouth. In chatting with a random sample of three kids, two of the three told me they ate the broccoli. I like that the broccoli is not in a sturdy […]

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Day 123: chicken rice bowl and conference attendance

Today’s menu: chicken and rice bowl (“sweet and sour chicken” was the label it was given on the menu), broccoli, orange, breadstick Wow, another new menu item. I was pretty excited about it, but I passed another teacher as I was walking with my food to my room as she was walking to the cafeteria. […]

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Day 94: pasta

Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, breadstick, broccoli, orange I was pleased that it was pasta today. Tasted fine to me. Rubbery would be how I would describe the breadstick though. Upon entering my mouth the broccoil promptly disintegrated into mush. It was like the broccoli collapsed from the long journey onto the bed of […]

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Day 85: chicken parm

Today’s menu: chicken parm, garlic bread, broccoli, apple The chicken got a little “over-toasted” there, but it was ok. I just eat fast. I like the garlic bread (I’m a big fan of the homemade stuff). The broccoli was probably reheated too many times because it lost some of its color and texture. Limp broccoli […]

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Day 81: meatball sub

Today’s menu: meatballs, broccoli, mixed fruit cup, whole wheat hot dog buns, milk I like this meal. I mean, it’s not bad. Today’s fruit cup didn’t taste super sugary so I just think the fruit is floating in fruit juice versus added sugar like HFCS. *** A reader emailed me to say that she feels […]

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