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Teachers’ salads

One of my friends works at a school that offers “teachers’ salads” at lunch time. She is able to spend $3.00 and she gets a salad. I don’t know the specifics about how the program works, but teachers sign up ahead of time to be part of the program. A teacher can’t just waltz into […]

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Pancakes, fruit cup, milk (syrup not pictured)

Breakfast in the classroom: example ten

 Pancakes, fruit cup, milk (syrup not pictured)   I like that you can tell the breakfast was carried in a sack: all the little pancakes fell to one side! I’m not really feeling this breakfast. Aside from the milk there isn’t a lot of protein. The pancakes are adorable, but I don’t think they are packing […]

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Breakfast in the classroom: example nine

Banana (top), “pink” yogurt, grahams Surprisingly, I reviewed the ingredients in the yogurt and guess what? No artificial flavors (No Red #40!). Well, knock me over with a feather. File under: don’t judge a book by its cover. A good reminder for me, especially. I’m encouraged by this breakfast. Real fruit, yogurt and some graham […]

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Teachers eating the students’ breakfasts

My official blog consultant is my sister. She read the post I wrote earlier in the week and told me she cringed. Then she said, “You can’t say things like that. It’s not PC.” I have removed the post. I’m sorry if some of you were offended by what I said in Tuesday’s post about […]

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Breakfast in the classroom: example eight

Frosted Chocolate Mini-Wheats, juice, string cheese, milk Chocolate mini-wheats for breakfast? Really? Parents need to know this kinda thing. That’s why I started the school lunch project last year: I wanted an anonymous public record of the school lunches in my school. Through this blog I was able to give people a view of school […]

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Breakfast in the classroom: example seven

Apple cinnamon graham crackers, string cheese, OJ and milk Today’s breakfast example appears to be a little on the small side. I guess it would be small for an adult, but not a child. Yesterday morning I was running late and only had time to grab a KIND bar as I was leaving the house. So […]

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Breakfast in the classroom: example six

Cornflakes, string cheese (far left), milk, OJ Kids are not offered chocolate milk for breakfast; the only option is white milk. My students like cereal and I’m happy that the string cheese is there. When I’m at home eating breakfast in the morning, I’ll eat cereal by itself most of the time. Instead of cheese, I’ll eat fruit with my […]

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Breakfast in the classroom: example five

Pancake on a stick, orange juice, and syrup One kid deconstructed his breakfast What the…? That was my reaction the first time I saw this breakfast. I also didn’t look too closely at the package of syrup and for a split second I wondered if the kids were squeezing honey onto their corn dogs — no, that […]

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