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Lunch Literature Book Club #fastfoodlover

I’ve pretty much determined that I stink at running a book club. To be better at managing this book club I would need to do a close reading of the chosen book. I have been just plain reading the book, but that’s not good enough to be an excellent book club leader. Truth is that I don’t have time to do […]

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Lunch Literature Book Club #fastfoodlover

Every morning my husband drops our son off at day care and each night I pick him up. Seeing his face when I come and get him is my favorite moment of the day. It’s like therapy. He always runs to me and gives me a big hug. Then he cocks his hand to the side […]

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Lunch Literature Book Club #fastfoodlover

They decided to replace the food pyramid yesterday. I’m happy they chose a plate. I like pyramids well enough, but I never associated them with food. I only remembered that grains were at the bottom and sweets and fats were at the top. Everythings else was just a jumble. It’s a fork not a spork! Phew! […]

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Lunch Literature Book Club #fastfoodlover

My husband has been working late this week. So yesterday I took my son to Noodles and Co for a “date.” We ordered their Pad Thai. Fast food tally for this week: 1 Some of you were upset that Starbucks was included in the list of fast food restaurants since many of you visit only […]

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Lunch Literature Book Club #FastFoodLover

I’m attending BlogHer Food at the moment. Having a great time and learning a lot. I speak later today about food blogging for change. Regular posts will be a bit delayed… One of the people I met used to work with fast food companies. He told me about this segment of the population that the […]

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Lunch Literature Book Club (and a giveaway winner!)

I love reading. I’m not sure I’ve ever really mentioned that before. Before I had my son, I kept an impressive spreadsheet of the books I’d read, organizedby year. After I had my little boy, I stopped reading. I stopped doing a lot of stuff (some of it was exhaustion and a touch of depression) […]

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Friday: Lunch Literature Book Club

The results are in — our book for the next three months is Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal. Poll results were 58% for Fast Food Nation to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life‘s 41%. Fast Food Nation has been in print since 2002 and so it WILL be […]

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Food News, Titanium Spork Award, and Lunch Literature Book Club

What I’m reading this week… School FoodMiracle worker in the school kitchen — Private school chef in Chicago makes federally reimbursable school lunches for $3 each.This Week in School Food News (Better DC School Food) — Ed’s summary, which is great and I like how he blames pop for obesity.Adventures in School Lunch (Wendolia) — A food blogger/mom ate school lunch with […]

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