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Mrs. Q and me

It’s quite the identity mind bender being Mrs. Q. I’m myself, yet not. Most days I don’t like it. But anonymity has its pluses: I’m still employed and I’m still blogging. I compartmentalize well. Before summer started, I was able to forget about Mrs. Q during the school day. Sometimes it would just hit me. […]

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Urban Farming: Growing Power

Bon Appetit June 2010 Will Allen, GrowingPower.org Mr. Allen’s shirt reads, “The good food movement is now a revolution,” I want a shirt like that one too! I have only recently learned about urban farming and had never read about Will Allen until I saw this article in Bon Appetit. I read his bio on […]

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Open thread: Nutrition IQ and pantry basics

Being Mrs. Q has changed my life. I’m smarter about nutrition and I’m doing more “from scratch” cooking. My husband can’t cook and as such I am the only one responsible for putting a meal on the table. I’ve always done my best, but doing the blog has forced me to challenge myself. I love that you, […]

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"Drink up kid" — Dehydration

Parenting June 2010 (I think that’s the month it appeared…)  I’m in the “tantrum” years right now and I find a correlation between being hungry and the frequency and duration of tantrums. So I feed and offer drink liberally around my house. In fact, I feel like all I do is feed somebody most of […]

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Open thread: Volunteering

Volunteering for Common Threads was a terrific experience for me. I think I got more out of it than the kids. I learned that kids can do a lot in the kitchen, including use knives appropriately, and I learned how to cook some new recipes I probably would not have attempted at home. Do you volunteer? […]

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Common Threads volunteer: Week 5 in the kitchen

Urban Prep Charter Academy is located in Englewood. This Spring the school  announced that of the students who graduated 100% were accepted into college. I wonder what they eat for school lunch? My last day in the kitchen. I have feelings towards this experience that mirror how I feel during the school year. At the beginning everyone is […]

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Common Threads volunteer: Week 4 in the kitchen

A cafeteria away there was a mirror-image, equally massive teaching kitchen, but this was exclusively for pastry chefs. I peeked in – this is not even half of it. Those gigantic mixers make Kitchen Aid standing mixers (roughly $150+) look like kiddie toys. Getting the run of a professional kitchen is empowering for me as I’m a newbie. I […]

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Common Threads volunteer: Week 3 in the kitchen

The “L” tracks nearby Each summer camp session at Common Threads is three weeks long. I volunteered the first two weeks and then I took a vacation so I missed the third and final week of that camp session. So when I showed up today, it was to a completely new group of kids, a […]

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