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Day 154: sloppy joe and Eat Along Challenge (#2)

  Today’s menu: sloppy joes, whole wheat buns, beans/rice, applesauce Want brown with your brown? The sloppy joe mix actually tasted ok. I wish I knew what I was eating, but I can’t find the nutritional information anywhere at school or online. I got through the sloppy joe meat just fine. But the beans and rice […]

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Day 149: chicken teriyaki, art, recess and The Eat Along Challenge

Today’s menu: chicken teriyaki, rice with peas and egg, carrots, applesauce, breadstick Chicken patty teriyaki is one of my favorite main dishes. I thought it tasted fine — definitely better than some of the other stuff I have eaten this year. I imagine that this would be one of the more expensive dishes compared to say the hot dog […]

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Day 135: cheese ravioli

Today’s menu: cheese ravioli, spinach, bread, applesauce The cheese ravioli looked and tasted exactly like a Michelina’s microwave meal. I say that as a compliment. I spent years eating microwave meals for lunch (and for about half the week my husband still does). Compared to yesterday’s meal, this meal is positively refreshing. Pasta has always been a comfort […]

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Day 130: chicken parm, white bread, and PACK

Any guesses? Chicken parm! Today’s menu: Chicken parm, carrots, breadstick, applesauce. What happened to that chicken? It was hardly appetizing when I looked at it through the film. Then I opened peeled off the plastic and just shrugged. I shudder to think how many main entrees went right into the trash. Unfortunately I can’t be […]

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Day 122: patty melt and thoughts of gluten-free living

At first I thought it was grilled cheese… Wait, is that meat sticking out? That’s a burger, folks! Today’s menu: patty melt, baked beans, strawberry applesauce, goldfish I put the tray down, took a picture and then noticed…it wasn’t a grilled cheese! This is the first time I’ve seen a pre-made burger instead of it being in […]

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Day 114: sloppy joes (and the ups and downs of packing kids’ lunches)

Today’s menu: sloppy joes, whole wheat buns, beans and rice, unsweetened applesauce Looky here, we have a new menu item again! Wow. The sloppy joe wasn’t baaad…but it was sure messy. I would have taken a picture if my hands weren’t covered in sloppy joe fixings. The “joe to bun” ratio was a little skewed in favor of […]

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Day 109: chicken teriyaki

Today’s menu: chicken teriyaki, rice mixed with peas and eggs, carrots, applesauce, breadstick I cleaned my “plate” today — I was so hungry. I took a bite of the chicken patty and my mouth recognized something familiar: there was a real chuck of chicken in my patty! I took a picture (below). I don’t remember […]

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Day 102: chicken parm – back in the saddle again!

Today’s menu: chicken parmesan, garlic bread, peas/carrots blend, (red) applesauce, (milk – not pictured as I’m lactose-intolerant for those new to the blog) Today I guess I’m like Gene Autry strumming a guitar singing “Back in the saddle again.” He’s got a horse and I’ve got a spork! The garlic bread and the peas/carrots were fine. […]

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