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Day 160: hamburger and other tidbits

Today’s menu: hamburger, whole wheat buns, potato wedges, apple and a lot of ketchup When the plastic came off over the burger compartment, there was this aroma. It was the smell of processed meat. I turned away and told myself, “Just a few more days.” To choke it down, I had to use a lot of […]

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Day 144: pizza, my (Droid) phone, and call your rep!

Today’s menu: cheese pizza, fresh carrots, apple I walked in the hallway towards the cafeteria and noticed that characteristic smell: it was pizza day! I was starving so I didn’t much care what I ate. Breakfast was a distant memory…in fact I wasn’t sure I even had more than a few bites of my son’s scrambled eggs. At home […]

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Day 140: chicken nuggets and catching up with Mr. Q

Today’s menu: chicken “fingers,” broccoli, apple, bread (kids take two for their two servings of grain) Hey, not a bad lunch! Fresh broccoli and fresh apples. The chicken finger/nuggets were on the dry side, but allright…I’m concerned that they have the same kind of fillers that chicken nuggets have just with a different name. Interesting article on the […]

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Day 128: pizza and produce flash mobs

Today’s menu: pizza, salad, popcorn chips, apple. Yeah for salad and a real apple (love that the apple had a longer stem — evidence of the tree!)…. Also notice that the popcorn chips are clearly marked “gluten free.” Great information on ingredients for me! Confession: I didn’t eat the pizza. For the first time since January, I […]

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Day 120: hamburger, real potatoes! (and a bit about blogging)

Today’s menu: hamburger, real potatoes(!!!), apple, whole wheat buns Can you spot the TWO whole foods that I ate for lunch today? I ate real potatoes and an apple! I cannot believe it. I almost feel out of my chair when I saw that the potatoes had PEELS! Amazing to me…. They were great!! (Peels […]

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Day 106: pasta

Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, peas and carrots, apple, goldfish crackers (milk not pictured – lactose -intolerant) So the pasta wasn’t terrible (I have always said that I enjoy pasta). Taste is not the best judge of quality sometimes (do you agree with that statement?). I just wonder, “What am I eating?” If you […]

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Day 105: salisbury steak

Today’s menu: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, two slices bread, apple. The kids eat this as a sandwich, but I eat it like I think I’m supposed to: one sporkful at a time. I never got potatoes before! Remember when I said I thought potatoes would be a good accompaniment to this lunch? I guess somebody […]

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Day 85: chicken parm

Today’s menu: chicken parm, garlic bread, broccoli, apple The chicken got a little “over-toasted” there, but it was ok. I just eat fast. I like the garlic bread (I’m a big fan of the homemade stuff). The broccoli was probably reheated too many times because it lost some of its color and texture. Limp broccoli […]

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