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55 reasons why…

1. My son is sick.2. I am sick.3. We’ve been at home together recuperating.4. It’s been wonderful to be home with him.5. It’s been really tough too.6. Being sick and providing care is challenging.7. Remind me, I haven’t been sick since I stopped eating school lunch, right?8. Three months ain’t half bad!9. I have to […]

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Mrs. Q on the move…

I’ll be back in school and eating school lunch in just a couple weeks. Frankly, I’m not looking forward to eating the lunches again. I keep hoping that there will be menu changes and that things will be better than the 101 school lunches I ate over the first half of the project. It’s probably optimistic […]

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Childhood memories: Every child has a story to tell

I think it was fifth grade. I visited a friend’s house and she had a button-maker. We spent an afternoon coloring and drawing on construction paper to create a couple buttons a piece. I had never encountered a button-making machine before and I vowed to put this spectacular device on my Christmas list (never got […]

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New normal

A dear friend of mine just came back from living abroad for more than six months. It has been nice to catch up with her, but there hasn’t been the right moment for me to tell her about the blog project. We’ve met up and hung out and the other day we chatted on the […]

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My school attendance was pretty good when I was a kid. I remember hearing my name read by the teacher in the morning and raising my hand. I always knew the name that came before mine alphabetically and I would listen for it. I loved school, but I was quite shy. Every couple years my […]

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I am anonymous

I am a small personI am very normalI am not importantYou would not remember my face. I have an ordinary life I work hard for the kidsI like my jobI am a parent I am a wifeI am a daughter I do the best I can I am tiredYou are just like me. I am […]

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I’m blogging anonymously because I like my job and getting a paycheck. But I’m still putting my livelihood on the line by speaking up. Why? Because I want to raise awareness about school lunch. It may not be what every child in this country eats, but I believe the meal that I am showing represents […]

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Socio-economic status

My husband and I went to excellent elementary and secondary schools and then we graduated from college. Although we both have had no formal education or training in nutrition, we have a basic grasp of healthy food and how to nourish our bodies and those of our littlest family member too. We would be considered […]

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