Cookbook giveaway!

I want to share some new and exciting cookbooks with you and give one away that I know you will enjoy! Want to know ...

For Beta Readers: Sneak Peek of My New Blog!

Yesterday I sent out a sneak peek of my new blog to people who have subscribed to my email list and invited them to be beta readers! I’m really excited about this new venture. Here’s a hint for you: humor involving food. You can still join my email list and become a beta reader. I need […]

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{Announcement} And Now For Something Completely Different…

  Winter is Pretty But I’m Ready for a Change! I’m working on something new. I’m really excited about it, but I’m kind of freaked out, too. BIG CHANGE That’s why I haven’t been blogging much……here. Here are a couple hints: 1) It’s food writing. 2) It has nothing to do with school lunch. 3) It’s […]

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My Son’s School Food Update

Life is moving forward here, little by little. My son’s kindergarten year is going well. Last year Charlie was in a private kindergarten on a farm. Public kindergarten has been an education for him in many ways. He does say, “I don’t like school,” a lot. It’s tough to hear, but we don’t have a choice […]

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What is a meal?

**I’m home with the boys on a snow day and I got to thinking…This is a photo of yummy summer food** Is a meal a piece of toast gobbled down while driving to work? Is a meal a replacement shake popped open and drunk at an office desk? Is a meal a simple summer snack […]

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Fail Cukes For The Win!

Over the summer I planted a little garden (aka “a test plot”) to see if I could grow anything successfully. Although I had mixed results, I’m hooked. It is so fun to go into your garden and pick random delicious tidbits whenever you want. The boys just loved picking carrots and mint and gnawing on […]

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5 Ways to Reduce Chemicals in Packed Lunches for Grown Ups!

 One of my husband’s favorite gluten breads Lunch is such a pain of a meal to plan. I think it’s actually worse to pack my own lunch than Charlie’s. I do my best to make a good one for myself, but I still slip up. I went through a phase that I bought several gluten free microwave […]

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November Book Giveaway — Last Winner! Plus More…

Excited to announce the last winner of the Weelicious books. Comment #17 was Gin! Please contact me. Thank you to everyone who entered. It’s so fun to give away things — people get so excited and it makes me happy. I’m going to be doing some more giveaways this month as I announce some new […]

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November Book Giveaway: Weelicious and Weelicious Lunches (Two Books!!)

For the last book giveaway in November, I’m going big: two cookbooks from Weelicious!! I’m so excited to share these books with you! I think that they are perfect for a family that is struggling with picky eaters as well as a family that has great eaters, but is ready to try some new recipes! […]

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