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#Education: Growing up with teachers as parents

I’m a fan of the “mini-series”– covering a topic over a series of blog posts for a short period of time. Every Monday in the month of February I’ll blog about a topic related to #education (at least tangentially). This week I want to examine the history of teaching as a profession. I’m a school-based […]

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Unions, pensions, and tenure…oh my! (part three – final thoughts)

UPDATED: Tenure varies state-by-state, district-by-district, school-by-school. I am just one person. Please keep in mind there is great variability. Tenure is a bad word these days. But school tenure is not like tenure awarded to college professors. When someone gets tenure at work we tell that person, “Now you can’t be fired for wearing the […]

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Unions, pensions, and tenure…oh my! (part two)

I remember when I interviewed. Towards the end of the hour or so we chatted, my boss pulled out the salary schedule and pointed out how much I would make. She said, “Here’s your salary, but add in your pension pick-up and this is your total pay.” Honestly, I didn’t think much about it. It wasn’t until later […]

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Unions, pensions, and tenure…oh my! (part one)

I’ve been watching what’s been happening in Wisconsin. I haven’t really known what to think and who to believe. I’m a union member, but sometimes I find my union’s approach to be a little too bellicose for my liking. I like to solve issues through compromise and civility — I avoid conflict. Once last year I took […]

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How teacher tenure works…

I hear a lot of nasty things in the media about bad teachers getting “tenure” and then it’s impossible to get rid of them. I’m not sure anyone has any idea how tenure works in public schools (it’s not professorial tenure in a university). I’m going to endeavor to define what it means in my district. Teacher […]

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