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Two Years Ago Today Mrs Q Revealed + A Giveaway!

That was two years ago today. Just looking at that picture makes me nervous! Long time readers remember how crazy paranoid I was. Everything turned out *pretty much* fine. In celebration of the two year anniversary of my book being published, I’m offering a giveaway: First and foremost, you will win a signed copy of […]

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Featured today on the Chronicle Books Blog

Tex-mex without the black beans… Looking through some of my old school lunch photos makes me oddly hungry! Like totally ravenous…it’s got to be the pregnancy, but I really did like that Tex-mex meal. Anyway, Chronicle Books Blog interviewed me to find out what I’ve been up to since launching the book last year as well as […]

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Media: I was on the radio

I did a lot of media last year and sometimes I couldn’t even keep track of it all so I didn’t share links with you guys. But this weekend I was on KCRW’s ‘Good Food’ program out of Santa Monica/Los Angeles and I think you will enjoy the interview. If you would like to listen […]

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One month as me

One month ago I came out a Mrs. Q and my book was published. It has been a remarkable experience. All this time I thought I would get fired, but thankfully it didn’t happen. I guess everything you guys said about me being “too paranoid” was right all along. Many of you have reached out […]

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One week until the reveal…

Thank you for being patient. Just one more week to go! Can you make it? Then I’m out — my real name, my face and everything! I’ll send you details soon about the reveal, but know this: It’s going to be on TV and in print. How am I holding up? Most of the time […]

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Three, two, one….my book!

I’ve been living two lives. One as myself. One as Mrs. Q. I’m merging my identities in October with the release of my book: Fed Up With Lunch: How One Anonymous Teacher Revealed the Truth About School Lunches. Yes, I will be revealing myself. You will see my face! Finally, right? You guys have been […]

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I guess I have some news…

I don’t know how else to say this. I’ve been working on a big project. Gulp. It’s actually a book… Over the past six months, every spare moment of my time was devoted to writing. One of my friends asked, “How is that humanly possible with a full-time job, a toddler, and a daily blog?” […]

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