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Why I Dropped Out of the School Food Reform Movement and What We Need to Do Now

I was assigned to lunch duty to fill in for someone a few weeks ago. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. There was no training. The lunch room was loud and full of kids moving and yelling and jumping. That’s what I normally hear and see when I walk by the cafeteria to get […]

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The Search for Meaningful Work, Post “Mrs Q” – Advice please

My life has rolled on since I ate a year of school lunch and blogged it, published a book and appeared on TV. I’m grateful it has, because I don’t like getting a lot of attention. And while the cause of school food reform is a valiant one, I have blogged less and less as […]

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Two Years Ago Today Mrs Q Revealed + A Giveaway!

That was two years ago today. Just looking at that picture makes me nervous! Long time readers remember how crazy paranoid I was. Everything turned out *pretty much* fine. In celebration of the two year anniversary of my book being published, I’m offering a giveaway: First and foremost, you will win a signed copy of […]

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Being reflective

I’m approaching my 36th birthday. I really thought I’d have figured it all out by now. I still don’t feel like I’ve grown up most of the time, but I have to behave like one. The last time I felt a cosmic shift in my life was when I was 23. At the time I […]

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{Photo Challenge} Fail!

Lettuce and pansies at the Chicago Botanic Garden Well, that’s the end of that. I was not able to finish the photo challenge…obviously. School ended and then my baby got sick. He’s still sick and now I’m hoping it won’t turn into an ear infection. Also, I seem to have less time on the computer […]

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{Photo Challenge} Day 24: Just bodies

Someone is all to happy to be a little boy’s footrest. I love this dog (and the little boy).

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{Photo Challenge} Day 23: Something you love

I can’t say I love my iPad. It’s a lifeless device. But I do appreciate its usefulness and I take it with me to work, too. I ditched my smartphone. Yep, you read that right. After using one through the school lunch project and the two years since, I went cold turkey. It was a […]

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{Photo Challenge} Day 22: Bathroom portrait

So here’s two photos for you…   This photo was a bit hard to take because somebody is going through a stage. Here  I cannot put Daniel down without tears because he wants to be held all the time. Fortunately, that is not a problem for me. I mean, I’m away from him all day […]

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