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Titanium Spork Award Winner!

And we have a winner! Jenna Pepper, Food with Kid Appeal I was really impressed by the strong nominations for her by multiple people (read the comments) and so I decided that I would just go ahead and give it to her without the vote. Here’s what Dana Woldow had to say about Jenna: Jenna […]

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Titanium Spork Award!

Shame on me — I haven’t awarded a Titanium Spork Award for a long time. You probably have been wondering why I haven’t mentioned the awards in awhile. Well, Dana Woldow from, who won one of the more recent awards, suggested that I work on putting some kind of logo together. What a great idea! So I emailed […]

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Titanium Spork Award Winner!

Congrats Chef Ann Cooper — She won the Titanium Spork Award for January/February! I’ll be sending it out soon! Thanks for everything you do to help kids get the nutrition they need to be successful in school. (Aside: do any of you talented readers do design work? I’d love to create a logo for the […]

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Peaches and sporks

Dana Woldow, winner of December’s Titanium Spork Award, has just launched a website The website’s official title is Parents, Educators and Advocates Connection for Healthy School Food. It is THE go-to website for people with questions about school lunch reform. Dana has been working to change school food in 2002 and has made wonderful progress in San […]

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Book Club and Titanium Spork Award

How many of you have decided to join me in reading Free For All? What do you think of the book so far? I learned facts and statistics just from reading the introduction. My yellow highlighter is by my bed…wait a moment, my toddler has absconded with it… At first I thought it would be heavy […]

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Titanium Spork Award – Two Acceptance Speeches and One Poll

Titanium Spork Awards are given monthly to people working towards better school lunches in the best way they know how. The readers nominate recipients and then vote on the winners. I have put up a poll based on your nominations for December’s Titanium Spork Award. Please vote! I’m running a little behind schedule. Here are the […]

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Titanium Spork Award Winner for October/November (and a call for nominations)

I can’t believe I never announced who you voted for as the recipient of the October/November Titanium Spork Award Winner…. Ed Bruske! I went through my posts from December and wouldn’t you know it, I never announced that he had won (even though the poll results hung out there on my sidebar forever…). I have […]

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June’s Titanium Spork Award Recipient: Laura DeSantis

June’s Titanium Spork Award Winner, Laura DeSantis, agreed to write a little acceptance speech. Her words appear below. I appreciate everything she does on behalf of her school kids every day! Thank you Chef Laura for your dedication and hard work! Thank you to all who voted for Marblehead Community Charter Public School (MCCPS). It’s […]

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