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For Beta Readers: Sneak Peek of My New Blog!

Yesterday I sent out a sneak peek of my new blog to people who have subscribed to my email list and invited them to be beta readers! I’m really excited about this new venture. Here’s a hint for you: humor involving food. You can still join my email list and become a beta reader. I need […]

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Mrs Q’s News: Childhood Obesity, Puberty, and Cheetos

Our fall centerpiece  That wall of exhaustion big pregnant ladies hit when they don’t want to do anything anymore? Yep, I’m right there. 1) Should we blame overweight parents for child’s obesity? Piece by Minnesota Public Radio 2) Bad news: Boys Starting Puberty Earlier, Like Girls. 3) In case you missed it: Schools Take Aim […]

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Mrs Q’s News: Calorie comparison, palm scanning machines, and the spork!

Pictured: Cabbages at the farmer’s market… You know how you get to that stage in your pregnancy when you don’t want to do anything? That’s right now. I pretty much can’t muster the energy to do what I need to be doing. I’m not a slacker, but I’m barely getting by. I have seven weeks […]

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Mrs Q’s News: School food reformers; BPA and Obesity

  The pregnancy fatigue has really put me over the edge. At night when I normally carve out time to blog, now I just want to sleep. I know that urge is going to ramp up in the next two months. Thanks for hanging in there with me! 1) Cool two-page handout via Spoonfed (Christina) […]

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Mrs Q’s News: School lunch, veggies, and unprocessed food

 Berries from a farmer’s market in California last year 1) Twenty school lunches from around the world. Amazing to see so much real food! 2) Calling vegetables fun names makes kids eat them. How does “Power Punch Broccoli” strike you? I know my son responds to this kind of thing. Charlie will eat quinoa when […]

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Teachers Strike in Chicago

They just don’t build ’em like they used to “You would make a bad union delegate,” a coworker once told me with a friendly laugh. I was a member of the Chicago Teachers Union for six years, but I was not heavily involved. My coworker on the other hand was a delegate, had a lot […]

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Mrs Q’s News: Strike, Discipline, and Denial

1) Teachers are striking in Chicago today — I’m working on a longer blog post about it for later this week… 2) At some US schools kids are being restrained or are left in isolation as punishment — I found that article to be incredibly disturbing. However, I am relieved to say that I never saw […]

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Mrs Q’s News: Sugar, Longer Lunches Needed, and “Food Hubs”

(Link) Happy Labor Day! Here’s to all our country’s hard workers, past and present! 1) Check out this infograph about sugar. I excerpted just a part of it above. Mind blowing! 2) Kids still need more time to eat their lunch! 3) Brilliant idea for “food hubs” to connect local farmers with school districts in their […]

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