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Summer reading giveaway (eight great books)!

Life has gotten quite interesting around here with my boys. The littlest guy is climbing up onto things and then asserting his will/opinion/stubbornness to not get down. He’s saying single words all the time. That’s so fun. The bigger guy starts real kindergarten this fall and considering his sensitive personality, I’m a little nervous. Today […]

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Book Review and Giveaway: Getting to Yum – The 7 Secrets to Raising Eager Eaters

Two years ago I was lucky enough to have Karen Le Billon guest blog about her experience in France, which led her to write her first book, “French Kids Eat Everything.” This time around I jumped at an opportunity to read her latest book, “Getting to Yum: The 7 Secrets to Raising Eager Eaters.” It’s no secret […]

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Cookbook Review: Weelicious

Weelicious! I’m guessing that many of you already know about the blog: Weelicious. Actually, I know you know about it because I remember back in the early days of this blog some of you referred me to her. Well, Catherine has come out with a book that I absolutely love (Full disclosure: While I was […]

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Moving, moving, moving

When you read this, I’ll be sweaty, dirty, and possibly close to exhaustion. We’ll be in the midst of a move. I won’t be near a computer, that’s for sure. I mentioned before that I moved a lot as a child. Many of those were cross-country (back and forth from Wisconsin and some western states). […]

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Having an eco-friendly Easter

We celebrate Easter ’round here. It’s not something my (lapsed-Catholic) husband and (non-religious) I even paid attention to until we became parents. But the whole concept of the Easter bunny is too much fun for our son to miss out on. We don’t celebrate in a traditional sense: I guess you could say that it’s […]

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Healthy, Budget-Friendly Recipes Using Food Pantry Staples

Below is the second part of a series devoted to my experience volunteering with the Greater Chicago Food Depository and its partner Feeding America. Part one can be found here: Volunteering with Feeding America: A Little Time Goes a Long Way Every food bank provides a different product mix to its member agencies. The Greater Chicago Food […]

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#Education: Growing up with teachers as parents

I’m a fan of the “mini-series”– covering a topic over a series of blog posts for a short period of time. Every Monday in the month of February I’ll blog about a topic related to #education (at least tangentially). This week I want to examine the history of teaching as a profession. I’m a school-based […]

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Feeding frenzy

Jellyfish shot I took over break at an aquarium. Something is happening with me. I feel an urgency to live life. Something in my head keeps telling me to getting going and “do it now!” So I’m busy trying to figure out it is I’m supposed to be doing. I feel a pressure to move, […]

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