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5 Ways to Reduce Chemicals in Packed Lunches for Grown Ups!

 One of my husband’s favorite gluten breads Lunch is such a pain of a meal to plan. I think it’s actually worse to pack my own lunch than Charlie’s. I do my best to make a good one for myself, but I still slip up. I went through a phase that I bought several gluten free microwave […]

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How I Stopped Packing Lunches and Started Enjoying the Morning

Homemade pizza; raspberries; banana chips and crunchy green beans; hard-boiled egg; gf bunny crackers I really hate packing my son’s lunches. I know you guys enjoyed those posts, and some of you still want to see photos of lunches, but I always felt funny sharing them. Here’s why: I advocate for school lunch reform — […]

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“The Asparagus Incident”

Getting his face painted at the very first Farmer’s Market Last weekend the town next to ours held their first Farmer’s Market of the summer. I was giddy with excitement. I planned an outing with some friends and off we went. I purchased strawberries and raspberries first. Charlie was insistent that he eat some right […]

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“Just pack!” and other ridiculous notions

Turkey burger with daiya cheese; bread and ketchup; brownie; pears; carrots and broccoli; fruit smoothie When people oppose school lunch reform, one of the comments I hear is “Parents should just pack a lunch for their kids.” If I hear that in the next week, I will have to hold myself back from laughing maniacally in […]

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Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Dec 12th

Charlie missed a day this past week due to illness and I took the day off to be home with him. Actually my husband even took the day off, too. So the three of us were home, which is the ideal way to take care of a sick child. No one parent was stressed and […]

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Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Dec 5th

So this week I found out that my son isn’t eating the cut oranges or any of his applesauce at school. These are foods he likes at home (more oranges than applesauce, but still). His caregiver told me, “Please don’t give Charlie any more applesauce. He’s not eating it.” I was floored. Just this week […]

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Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Nov 28th

What a week. It wasn’t that unusual, but I really felt like I barely got through. Then I was sick this weekend so I am really behind in everything, especially housework. Charlie’s lunches Turkey wrap, blueberries, peas, apple slices, bar Charlie told me he wanted a wrap when I had asked him in the morning. […]

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Lunch Wrap Up: Two week recap

The past two weeks have been weird. There have been odd days at work including report card pick-up day and a professional development day (that I took off). To keep things simple, I’m going to put two weeks worth of lunches up at once. Also I’m posting my biggest lunch packing failure thus far. I […]

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