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2012 CSA Week 12: Candy tomatoes

The last week of our CSA came and went in July. It was sad, but it also meant that our move was pending. Change can be good, too. The end of our CSA means that I can focus on shopping at local farmer’s markets and choosing produce myself. While I love the challenge of the […]

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Week 11 CSA 2012: Carrots and Beets, Roasted in the Oven

How gorgeous can you get? Yum! BEETS!!! I’ve been waiting all year for them. I don’t really know what’s wrong with me exactly, but I’m obsessed with roasting beets and eating them. Warning to newbies: your pee might change colors and be slightly pink. Last year I thought I had some kind of infection, but this […]

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Week 10 CSA 2012: 3 Uninspired Ways to Eat Up Strawberries

I didn’t do anything creative with our strawberries, but none were wasted. Here’s how boring I was (and you can be too!): 1) Snack on them “straight.” 2) Make strawberry pancakes. Just chop and add them right to the batter 3) Put them on your cereal. I really, really wanted to make a strawberry pie, […]

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2012 CSA Week 9: What to do with garlic scapes

Garlic Scapes  I find Garlic Scapes to be delicious and interesting. They are strong raw, but a little sauteeing makes them a bit more to my liking. I’d describe their flavor as a cross between garlic and an onion. I use them in place of onions and or garlic in any stir fries. They are […]

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CSA 2012 Week 8 — Pretty Strawberries!

In Illinois strawberries are in season in June. I remember last year when I took my son strawberry picking on July 1st. It was the last day of the farm’s season. Strawberries have come and gone, but at least I have pictures. They were tasty and they did not go to waste. Strawberries do not […]

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2012 CSA Week 7 — Dill Baby, Dill!

 Dill! Can I admit that I’m not a huge dill fan? It’s probably due to lack of exposure though… I don’t remember eating it as a kid and I haven’t really started eating it into adulthood. You know what would be really great? Getting some kind of spice/herb training. I need to take a class. […]

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2012 CSA Week 6 — Backyard Salad

My husband had a coworker who would call salad like this “backyard salad.” We thought that was an appropriate term even though it was meant in a semi-derogatory way. These days I couldn’t agree more: This is indeed backyard salad. But now I’m jealous I wasn’t able to grow it in my own backyard. Lettuce […]

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2012 CSA Week 5 — Spicy radishes

Radishes Before my son tried the radishes, he asked if they were spicy. He remembered from last year. I also find them to be spicy. I tried to eat them raw and sliced over a salad, but Charlie is right — they are spicy.  Pretty, pretty Because I’m most familiar with lettuce, I’m less intimidated […]

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