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Is School Lunch a Right or a Privilege?

To make change in the world of school lunch reform, it’s critical to investigate how we think and view the idea of school lunch at its core. Do kids deserve to have a lunch break while they are at school? Yes, I think we can agree that all kids should get a break in the middle […]

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Why I Dropped Out of the School Food Reform Movement and What We Need to Do Now

I was assigned to lunch duty to fill in for someone a few weeks ago. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. There was no training. The lunch room was loud and full of kids moving and yelling and jumping. That’s what I normally hear and see when I walk by the cafeteria to get […]

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Food Blogging Against Hunger

Today over 200 food bloggers are standing up and reminding us that hunger exists in the US, even when we don’t see it on a daily basis or experience it personally. Nicole Gulotta of The Giving Table has organized an event called Food Bloggers Against Hunger. Now is a critical moment because cuts are being proposed […]

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One more lunch, lots more writing

Chef salad; sweet potatoes; pear; salad bar fixings; saltines Chef salad (deli meat, cherry tomatoes, cheese, lettuce) was the main entree with the mashed sweet potatoes as the veggie and the pear as the fruit. Then I went through the salad bar for some yummy spinach salad with black beans. Now that I’m gluten free I […]

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Check out: “Failing” at #Unprocessed

In September I blogged about signing up for “October Unprocessed” on Andrew’s blog, “Eating Rules.” I wasn’t able to eat unprocessed food the entire month. I just didn’t make it. Andrew invited me to submit a guest blog post about my experience, which you can read by clicking over: “Failing” at #Unprocessed. I’m in the last […]

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How to spend $20 at the farmer’s market

Pictured: Nine dollars worth of produce I’m lamenting the fact that in my area farmer’s markets will be ending for the season in just a few short weeks. Boo on that. Green pepper — $1 Corn — $0.50 per ear X 4 = $2 Tomatoes — $3 Little Cukes — $3 All of this produce […]

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What does “processed food” mean to you?

My friend Andrew Wilder from Eating Rules is doing something really cool. He and about 3,000 people have pledged not to eat processed food for the month of October. Hence the name: “October Unprocessed.” To be successful in avoiding processed food, it’s necessary to define what that really means. Andrew uses what he calls a […]

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How I Stopped Packing Lunches and Started Enjoying the Morning

Homemade pizza; raspberries; banana chips and crunchy green beans; hard-boiled egg; gf bunny crackers I really hate packing my son’s lunches. I know you guys enjoyed those posts, and some of you still want to see photos of lunches, but I always felt funny sharing them. Here’s why: I advocate for school lunch reform — […]

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