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Food Day 2015

Food Day 2015

Did you know that last weekend was Food Day 2015? I didn’t blog about it because we have been BUSY. Charlie had a broken arm and we’ve been toilet-training Daniel. Luckily the cast is off now. It was a jujitsu injury. He tells people, “A girl fell on me,” which is true — he fell […]

Cookbook giveaway!

I want to share some new and exciting cookbooks with you and give one away that I know you will enjoy! Want to know a secret? I’m a cookbook lover. If you ever wonder what to give me as a gift, send me a cookbook. I’m lucky because somehow my address got on a list […]

Back to Lunching Giveaway!

Hi friends, I hope that you forgive me that I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been buried with work and family life. It’s wonderful to be busy. Exciting stuff is coming my way and I will be sharing that over the next year! You know what has really bummed me out recently? Packing […]

12 Ways to Manage Picky Eating in Toddlers

My first son is a great eater. My second son is pickier. Why the difference? My eldest was always in the normal range for weight and so when he refused to eat something I served, I’d tell him, “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it, but I’m not making anything else.” […]

10 Tips about Cancer Surgery Recovery for Dogs

  Deciding what to about Fenway’s cancer was really stressful. We ended up deciding to go ahead and have his tumors removed. They couldn’t be staged until they were out, according to the vet, and so there was a chance that we would go through all the stress of surgery just to find out that he […]

“Guess what? Soda is Awesome!”

That’s what my six-year-old son said to me the other day. Recently we visited family and all the cousins got to drink some soda. Soda was instantly cool. But I think a big part of his reaction is also because soda is not something we drink in my home. I’ve really tried not to have “forbidden” food in my […]

My Updated Social Media Details

I don’t blog as much as I used to, but I’m still active on social media. Above is a picture I took with Instagram. Follow me @sarahburnswu. I’ve also finally updated my Pinterest account. I’m @sarahburnswu over there as well. Of course I’m on Twitter, which I enjoy quite a bit @sarahburnswu. The Facebook page […]

Bye-Bye to a Really Rough May

Ug. Life. It kinda through me for a loop in May. I’ll start from the beginning. The first week of May we found out our dog Fenway has cancer. That was a big blow because it turns out he has two tumors (one on each leg). Things got worse. My aunt passed away unexpectedly. I’d […]

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