Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

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My littlest guy and I roasted pumpkin seeds last weekend and they turned out great. In fact, my eldest said, “They taste like popcorn!”

First we soaked the seeds for a day or more. I lost count because we were busy. Then we let them dry for two days. To prepare them for roasting, we put them in our 9X13 baking dish and we added olive oil, stirring it around (amount to taste). I sprinkled sea salt on them. I’ve noticed that I underseason our food so I added a lot of salt.

The pumpkin seeds stayed in a 300 degree over for 45 minutes. When we pulled them out, they were delicious. I could have eaten them all, but I knew I had to share!

I’m going to attempt to blog once a day for the duration of November. It remains to be seen if I can do that, but I will give it a try. Thanks for hanging in there with me! 🙂

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One thought on “Roasting Pumpkin Seeds”

  1. We’ve been eating seeds for weeks! I did a couple spaghetti squashes and roasted those seeds, then I did a batch from our first pumpkin we carved. All of those had some garlic powder, seasoned salt, pepper, and some sea salt, plus some olive oil. Since I figured we’d had enough of the savory version, I looked online for a sweet version. I found a Betty Crocker recipe for cinnamon sugar ones. Not as healthy and not as crisp as the other ones, but soooo good. I can’t keep my son out of the container!

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