Food Day 2015

Food Day 2015

Did you know that last weekend was Food Day 2015? I didn’t blog about it because we have been BUSY. Charlie had a broken arm and we’ve been toilet-training Daniel. Luckily the cast is off now. It was a jujitsu injury. He tells people, “A girl fell on me,” which is true — he fell awkwardly and a girl fell on top of him. His elbow couldn’t handle it… Anyway, it’s been hellish for us here in Chez Wu!

Food Day is an event that happens every October 24th. It’s about celebrating the human relationship with food — real food, that is. It’s an important step for many Americans to become more conscious about their relationship to food. I believe that we take food, eating, and mealtimes for granted.

If you want to learn more about Food Day, explore their website. They have a ton of resources: Food Day.

Food Day

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