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“Guess what? Soda is Awesome!”

That’s what my six-year-old son said to me the other day. Recently we visited family and all the cousins got to drink some soda. Soda was instantly cool. But I think a big part of his reaction is also because soda is not something we drink in my home. I’ve really tried not to have “forbidden” food in my […]

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My Updated Social Media Details

I don’t blog as much as I used to, but I’m still active on social media. Above is a picture I took with Instagram. Follow me @sarahburnswu. I’ve also finally updated my Pinterest account. I’m @sarahburnswu over there as well. Of course I’m on Twitter, which I enjoy quite a bit @sarahburnswu. The Facebook page […]

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Bye-Bye to a Really Rough May

Ug. Life. It kinda through me for a loop in May. I’ll start from the beginning. The first week of May we found out our dog Fenway has cancer. That was a big blow because it turns out he has two tumors (one on each leg). Things got worse. My aunt passed away unexpectedly. I’d […]

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