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Where do you shop for food? Five years ago I went to Aldi and I thought there was a lot of processed food. I didn’t return until two years ago when we moved. There is an Aldi close to my house and I had to check it out. The Aldi has a great selection of produce now. Within the past year they also introduced organic products, including produce. That was a revelation.


I really prefer organic tomato products and Aldi has them. Also, since canned beans are usually pretty inexpensive, I find choosing the organic not to boost up the cost that much. Also cashew butter at Aldi? That was exciting. These products are just a small sample of the organic and unique offerings. For example, I just bought organic baby kale at Aldi last week.

Then about two months ago they launched a gluten free line under their own brand name “Live G free.”


I found gluten free pasta, cookies, frozen pizza, bars and frozen lasagna and I can say they are all delicious. Again, they have tons of gluten free products like crackers, wraps/tortillas, and baking mixes. I don’t always buy packaged pizza and lasagna, but they are nice to have in the freezer for an emergency.

At this point, I can’t justify shopping anywhere else. They have everything I need and it’s affordable! In fact, the discounts on their gluten free products compared to the same products at other stores are so good they’re unbelievable.

Aldi did not pay me to promote them. I wrote this all on my own. I’m a believer.