{Photo Challenge} Day 14: Discarded furniture

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Updated: 5/17 — Our internet died yesterday so I was unable to post my photo. I’d just finished this post, too. What are the chances? I’ve ditched my smartphone for the┬átime being┬áso I really felt cut off from the world. But, you know, I like how that feels sometimes. I read a magazine and went to bed early. Not bad at all.


In my neighborhood, this passes as discarded furniture. I mean, it is furniture and it has been left out… I know it’s a stretch, but I really don’t see chairs or dressers out at the curb very often.

I’ve also finally found photos for “wabi sabi” and “tree shadows.” Okay, I’m up to speed once again… It’s no easy feat for a sleep-deprived working mom!


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2 thoughts on “{Photo Challenge} Day 14: Discarded furniture”

  1. I’d have had trouble with this one too, here in the UK stuff isn’t left out on the curb as often as in the USA (I think we have more public dumps where things can be taken, and I don’t think the bin men will take furniture!).

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