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{Photo Challenge} Day 16: Yellow

Updated 5/21: Okay, I found my yellow. ***** Yellow??! Of all colors…that color? Sorry, I couldn’t find anything that immediately presented itself today. I did wear a yellow shirt yesterday, but it’s in the laundry and I just don’t feel like taking shots of my dirty laundry! Ug, this one is going to have to […]

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{Photo Challenge} Day 15: Self-portrait

Can you find me in this picture?  

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{Photo Challenge} Day 14: Discarded furniture

Updated: 5/17 — Our internet died yesterday so I was unable to post my photo. I’d just finished this post, too. What are the chances? I’ve ditched my smartphone for the time being so I really felt cut off from the world. But, you know, I like how that feels sometimes. I read a magazine and went […]

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{Photo Challenge} Day 13: Wabi Sabi

Updated 5/16: I think this qualifies as “wabi sabi.” Children’s artwork is usually imperfect, but it’s always perfect to me. We did a little art in speech class today. We had a nice discussion of colors and shapes (naming, basic concepts) and then lots of requests for objects and help. One of my students did […]

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{Photo Challenge} Day 12: Heart of a Flower

My husband’s orchid. My husband is really into plants. He’s quite good at growing things from seed. The only problem is that we have plant “debris” all over the kitchen. Pots, seeds, the watering can and more pots all precariously stacked around the dining room with some my delicate creatures under a grow lamp. Clutter […]

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{Photo Challenge} Day 11: Tree shadows

Updated 5/16: I finally got a shot for this post. There’s my son on his bike, too. ****** Ack! I don’t have a picture for today. It was sort of cloudy and when there was sunshine, I was inside. So I’m going to leave this post up just in case I do get a picture […]

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{Photo Challenge} Day 10.5: Laughter

After bath crazy hair. The photo challenge is run by photographers, not blogging. Aside from discussing things like “macro lenses,” the big tip off was when the group leader said that they were going to take the weekend off so that people could “catch up.” At first I was disappointed about getting a break. I […]

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{Photo Challenge} Day 10: Wild card

Today I can photograph anything I want. Well, here’s my latest obsession. You’re looking at the reason I don’t blog very much. I’ve let him take over my life. He’s almost six months old and, well, he’s spectacular. You’ll notice Daniel has blue eyes. Charlie did too, at that age. Around nine months of age, […]

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