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What does “processed food” mean to you?

My friend Andrew Wilder from Eating Rules is doing something really cool. He and about 3,000 people have pledged not to eat processed food for the month of October. Hence the name: “October Unprocessed.” To be successful in avoiding processed food, it’s necessary to define what that really means. Andrew uses what he calls a […]

How I Stopped Packing Lunches and Started Enjoying the Morning

Homemade pizza; raspberries; banana chips and crunchy green beans; hard-boiled egg; gf bunny crackers I really hate packing my son’s lunches. I know you guys enjoyed those posts, and some of you still want to see photos of lunches, but I always felt funny sharing them. Here’s why: I advocate for school lunch reform — […]

Mrs Q’s News: School food reformers; BPA and Obesity

  The pregnancy fatigue has really put me over the edge. At night when I normally carve out time to blog, now I just want to sleep. I know that urge is going to ramp up in the next two months. Thanks for hanging in there with me! 1) Cool two-page handout via Spoonfed (Christina) […]

Guest Blog: Do Something Reel — Lunch Line Documentary Available for Download

For the month of September, Whole Foods Market’s Do Something Reel Film Festival is featuring Lunch Line, a documentary about the national school lunch program. The film follows six school age children from one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago as they set out to fix school lunch and end up at the White House. […]

Mrs Q’s News: School lunch, veggies, and unprocessed food

 Berries from a farmer’s market in California last year 1) Twenty school lunches from around the world. Amazing to see so much real food! 2) Calling vegetables fun names makes kids eat them. How does “Power Punch Broccoli” strike you? I know my son responds to this kind of thing. Charlie will eat quinoa when […]

Taking questions: What to eat when pregnant

Crab apple tree I saw in Wisconsin this summer.  Q: Just curious how you are managing your diet during your pregnancy? A: I’m actually working on a bigger post with some rather offbeat tips (stay tuned), but I wanted to share that there is no comparison between my pregnancy with my son in 2008 and […]

Teachers Strike in Chicago

They just don’t build ’em like they used to “You would make a bad union delegate,” a coworker once told me with a friendly laugh. I was a member of the Chicago Teachers Union for six years, but I was not heavily involved. My coworker on the other hand was a delegate, had a lot […]

Mrs Q’s News: Strike, Discipline, and Denial

1) Teachers are striking in Chicago today — I’m working on a longer blog post about it for later this week… 2) At some US schools kids are being restrained or are left in isolation as punishment — I found that article to be incredibly disturbing. However, I am relieved to say that I never saw […]

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