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How to Save Money at the Farmer’s Market

It sounds terrible to think about scrimping at the farmer’s market, but I think some people avoid going because they consider the farmer’s market to be expensive. I never went to the farmer’s market regularly until I started blogging about school lunch, which raised my awareness about food in general. I might have gone twice […]

Mrs Q’s News: Drought, School Food Laws, and Being Smart Means You Live Longer

I took this picture of a rose late last August…so pretty in its natural state (not store bought)… 1) Drought, drought, and more drought: I really wish this would get even more press. What does the drought mean for food prices this year…and what’s going to happen in future years? 2) Laws limiting the availability of […]

Surprise, I’m pregnant!

Picture I took from a hot air balloon race we attended in June.  I guess I’m good at keeping secrets. I’m pregnant and due around Thanksgiving. Just this week I passed the “viability” mark of 24 weeks so it feels like this just might turn out well. Call me suspicious or paranoid (wait, you already […]

2012 CSA Week 12: Candy tomatoes

The last week of our CSA came and went in July. It was sad, but it also meant that our move was pending. Change can be good, too. The end of our CSA means that I can focus on shopping at local farmer’s markets and choosing produce myself. While I love the challenge of the […]

Mrs Q’s News: Bake Sales, School Supplies, and Fast Food Meal Toys

Image courtesy AP 1) Dana Woldow did the math on bake sales and, well, they don’t add up: Do School Bake Sales Really Bring in the Dough? 2) If you have $11 or $18 burning a hole in your pocket, consider donating to give school supplies to needy kids attending Chicago Public Schools (through Groupon). 3) […]

Successful move and advice needed…

I wanted to update you guys — we moved and it went great. I even have internet now — yippee! The house we bought was bank-owned (someone foreclosed) so it needs work. We’ve had professionals here most business days doing one thing or another. Thankfully, the move has been relatively easy for Charlie because we had […]

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