I’ve resigned from my position at Chicago Public Schools

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I still love this city…

After long and serious deliberation, I decided to resign from my position as a bilingual speech-language pathologist working for Chicago Public Schools (CPS). I worked for CPS for six years during which time I had the opportunity to help some great kids and get to know many Chicago families. I worked hard to help my students communicate and I hope I made a difference, but I know for sure they changed me. I’m forever grateful to Chicago Public Schools for hiring me for six years ago and giving me an opportunity to work in one of the largest districts in the country. My work was highly rewarding and it is a bittersweet departure.

I’m already missing my coworkers who just went back to work this week. I had the privilege of working with some talented people. Not a day went by when I didn’t feel inspired by my students or my coworkers.

As I blogged about in the spring, my son had some struggles at his day care/school. My commute into the city was untenable (45-60 minutes each way) even before our move this summer. I’m much farther away now and I’ve realized there’s no way for me to work for CPS without sacrificing family time. I have set up a new preschool/care schedule for Charlie that is far better for him than last year’s situation and I’ll be around for him much more. With a baby due around Thanksgiving, focusing on my home and my family is what I need to be doing.

It’s funny that in 2010 I was worried about being fired or losing my job because I was eating school lunch covertly and here I am quitting on my own! But I knew it was time. I’ll be working some part-time speech jobs to increase my skill set with new populations, but my primary work will continue to be with school-age kiddos. Then I’ll take a maternity leave.

So there you have it. It’s not an exit with a lot of drama or suspense. Just a need for me to be available for my son and my family in the near term. I’m going to miss my work with students, their families, my friends, and all my coworkers dearly, but I know that making this choice for my family feels right.

(Of course I’ll still continue to blog!)

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11 thoughts on “I’ve resigned from my position at Chicago Public Schools”

  1. Hi Mrs. Q! I don’t usually comment on these, but I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning. I am an aspiring SLP (I’m in my last year of undergrad, so I have a few years left in school). I think it is awesome and quite inspiring that you have been able to make such an impact both locally and nationally! It’s good to know that, even though I won’t be a teacher, there are still ways I can have a positive influence on the kids 🙂 Oh, and congrats on the new little one!

  2. Congrats and wishing you the most happiness on your new adventure!! Hope you are feeling well with entering your third trimester!!

  3. Congrats on the decision, and I know that you will do well. Good luck as you navigate this new normal! <3

  4. I’m sure this was a challenging decision, as most are when we’re torn between family and career. I wish you well in this new chapter and hope that new doors of opportunity come your way when you’re ready for them.

    And congratulations on your upcoming arrival! How very exciting!

  5. The current climate at CPS being what it is, I’m sure this is the sanest choice! It will be interesting to see what opportunities come your way now that there’s some breathing space in your life! Congratulations!

  6. I’m a longtime lurker who just wanted to say congratulations! I just know this is going to lead to great things for you and your family.

  7. Congratulations on the new baby! Hopefully, when you are ready to go back to work you can find a nice job-sharing or part-time position close to home. A bilingual speech path. is a true gem. Any school would be fortunate to have you. Best wishes!

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