2012 CSA Week 12: Candy tomatoes

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The last week of our CSA came and went in July. It was sad, but it also meant that our move was pending. Change can be good, too. The end of our CSA means that I can focus on shopping at local farmer’s markets and choosing produce myself. While I love the challenge of the CSA, it’s nice to go to a farmer’s market and buy what I see. Sometimes surprises can be overwhelming. CSA blog posts may be ending, but farmer’s market posts will start up soon!

These tomatoes taste like candy. This is coming from somebody who has never been a tomato person. In fact, like I’ve mentioned before I started forcing myself to eat them when I was 25 to increase my overall daily vegetable intake. I think these little tomatoes would make a tomato lover out of anyone who tries them. I think they are called “Sun Gold.”


 Sugar Snap Peas

Rainbow Chard 




 Our awesome 2012 CSA was through Tomato Mountain. I highly recommend them. For reference, last year’s CSA was through Angelic Organics. I loved them, too.

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One thought on “2012 CSA Week 12: Candy tomatoes”

  1. Sun Gold tomatoes are the best! My best friend has always HATED tomatoes and now she grows several plants every year, thanks to loving Sun Golds!

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