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Taking questions: Fast food rewards in speech therapy?

Source: via Abbey on Pinterest   Q: I recently read a blog from a new SLP (speech-language pathologist) describing an activity using McDonald’s french fry containers and craft sticks to complete language tasks.  I find it so disappointing that early childhood educators choose to provide free advertisement for these disgusting food science establishments.  A comment […]

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I’ve resigned from my position at Chicago Public Schools

I still love this city… After long and serious deliberation, I decided to resign from my position as a bilingual speech-language pathologist working for Chicago Public Schools (CPS). I worked for CPS for six years during which time I had the opportunity to help some great kids and get to know many Chicago families. I […]

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Guest blog: A Surprise in Your Cereal Box?

Parents want their children to start the day out right, especially during this time of year when kids are heading back to school. For many families, that often includes a bowl of cereal. A spoonful of sugar for every three spoonfuls of cereal is not what most parents want their kids to find in their […]

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Mrs Q’s News: Is School Lunch Unconstitutional?

(I know the photo has nothing to do with school lunch, but I just like it) 1) Rep. Todd Akin (yeah, that guy…) thinks that the school lunch program is unconstitutional. Say what? 2) Two high school students went undercover with a video camera to investigate school food (See: School lunches become a billion-dollar battlefield). […]

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Taking questions: Food Stamp Abuse?

A shot from last weekend’s farmer’s market. Those peppers were $1 each… Thanks again for your comments on last week’s post. Things are better on the eating-all-your-dinner front. I think I’ve realized that Charlie is going through yet another growth spurt. One day this week he ate a huge breakfast, lunch, and dinner — like […]

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What $30 Buys at the Farmer’s Market

These photos reflect my typical haul at the farmer’s market (this is from July before our move). I have found that fruit is more expensive than veggies. The peaches (above) cost $6 (my most expensive single item purchase) and the tomatoes and cherries were $5 each. With fruit alone I’m looking at an outlay of $16. […]

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Mrs Q’s News: Laws, Summer Food, and Teens in Action

Flower in my mom’s yard last summer 1) Interesting study found that states with laws against competitive foods (junk food) in schools have students who weigh less. 2) Photo gallery of summer foods deemed unhealthy. It might be a little extreme, but it does add up. 3) Three teenage girls started a petition to get […]

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Taking your questions: Advice from Mrs Q and you

One of the great things about a blog is that it’s an exchange of information. Even though I don’t respond to comments because I’m time-strapped, I read them all and they have been invaluable to me. Admittedly, I like giving advice — that’s probably because I’m a “first born” in my family (Side note: I […]

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