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Mrs Q’s News: School lunch fraud in Chicago and more

A modern art look at school food Last week was interesting in the world of school lunch…. Where to start? Well, why not in my own area? School Lunch Fraud: Twelve principals and assistant principals from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) have been removed from their positions because they lied to get their own children free […]

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Eat at Home Challenge: 10 Days in the Kitchen

Just after the first of July, we came home from our vacation and I told my husband that I wanted to stop eating out for the entire month of July. We are moving, which means we simultaneously need to save money and eat up the contents of the fridge and the pantry. My husband agreed immediately, […]

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CSA 2012 Week 8 — Pretty Strawberries!

In Illinois strawberries are in season in June. I remember last year when I took my son strawberry picking on July 1st. It was the last day of the farm’s season. Strawberries have come and gone, but at least I have pictures. They were tasty and they did not go to waste. Strawberries do not […]

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Mrs Q’s News: Three Links Every Monday

A shot I took last year at my house… it’s a long story…maybe I’ll tell it one day… Every Monday I’ll post a round up of interesting school lunch news, weird food news, and information about childhood obesity. I’ll share no more than three links and I’ll leave (most of) the commentary to you. From […]

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2012 CSA Week 7 — Dill Baby, Dill!

 Dill! Can I admit that I’m not a huge dill fan? It’s probably due to lack of exposure though… I don’t remember eating it as a kid and I haven’t really started eating it into adulthood. You know what would be really great? Getting some kind of spice/herb training. I need to take a class. […]

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“Happy Summer” Mini-Giveaway Results!

Hey guys, I’m back from a weeklong out-of-state vacation. Sorry to drop the blogging ball so to speak. I don’t like to announce when I’m away from home, but I also had wrongly assumed that I’d find time to get online. Bad news, I think I spent far fewer hours online last week than I’ve spent any […]

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