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Week 11 CSA 2012: Carrots and Beets, Roasted in the Oven

How gorgeous can you get? Yum! BEETS!!! I’ve been waiting all year for them. I don’t really know what’s wrong with me exactly, but I’m obsessed with roasting beets and eating them. Warning to newbies: your pee might change colors and be slightly pink. Last year I thought I had some kind of infection, but this […]

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Mrs Q’s News: Ancient Poop, Chefs, and A World of Giant Food

Three links for this Monday: Ancient Poop Gives Clues to Modern Diabetes Epidemic — “The native people who lived in the deserts of Arizona would have likely eaten traditional stews with glycemic indexes around 23.” That’s really low. And they ate “thousands of years of incredibly fibrous foods, 20 to 30 times more fibrous than today’s typical diet.” […]

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Moving, moving, moving

When you read this, I’ll be sweaty, dirty, and possibly close to exhaustion. We’ll be in the midst of a move. I won’t be near a computer, that’s for sure. I mentioned before that I moved a lot as a child. Many of those were cross-country (back and forth from Wisconsin and some western states). […]

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Week 10 CSA 2012: 3 Uninspired Ways to Eat Up Strawberries

I didn’t do anything creative with our strawberries, but none were wasted. Here’s how boring I was (and you can be too!): 1) Snack on them “straight.” 2) Make strawberry pancakes. Just chop and add them right to the batter 3) Put them on your cereal. I really, really wanted to make a strawberry pie, […]

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Day 10, Eat at home Challenge: Did you make it?

Our dog Eating at home means eating with your pet. Our dog spends virtually every meal with his head on my husband’s leg. He doesn’t beg by whining, but instead just sits there with his entire head on my husband’s thigh. If he’s too hot, then he passes out on the tile floor under the […]

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Mrs Q’s News: Summertime, childhood, and fast food marketing

My son with a dragonfly — (My husband caught it only because it was already on the way out…) I hope that you are enjoying summertime as much as I am. It’s been so nice to get all this sunshine. I could do without the extreme heat, but I’m making sure to get 10 minutes […]

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2012 CSA Week 9: What to do with garlic scapes

Garlic Scapes  I find Garlic Scapes to be delicious and interesting. They are strong raw, but a little sauteeing makes them a bit more to my liking. I’d describe their flavor as a cross between garlic and an onion. I use them in place of onions and or garlic in any stir fries. They are […]

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Day 5, Eat at Home Challenge: Failing as a Cook

Pretty tomatoes at the farmer’s market. I didn’t buy one. [First post: Eat at Home Challenge: 10 Days in the Kitchen] The more you eat at home, the more prone you are at falling on your culinary face. I hate it when I ruin a meal and then have to cook the next night. I […]

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