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2012 CSA Week 6 — Backyard Salad

My husband had a coworker who would call salad like this “backyard salad.” We thought that was an appropriate term even though it was meant in a semi-derogatory way. These days I couldn’t agree more: This is indeed backyard salad. But now I’m jealous I wasn’t able to grow it in my own backyard. Lettuce […]

“Happy Summer” Mini-Giveaway!

Man, I love spending the summer with my son. I haven’t always felt this way though. I’m having more fun with him this summer than I’ve ever had before. Age 3.75 is basically the best. I blogged in May about how his day care situation was not right for him. I think part of my enjoyment […]

Guest blog: Recipe for Success is Redefining the Happy Meal

Recipe for Success Foundation is dedicated to combating childhood obesity by changing the way children understand, appreciate, and eat their food. For more information on the Foundation’s Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ in elementary schools and other initiatives, visit In response to a 2010 proposed class-action lawsuit (that was recently dismissed), McDonald’s spokeswoman Danya Proud stated […]

2012 CSA Week 5 — Spicy radishes

Radishes Before my son tried the radishes, he asked if they were spicy. He remembered from last year. I also find them to be spicy. I tried to eat them raw and sliced over a salad, but Charlie is right — they are spicy.  Pretty, pretty Because I’m most familiar with lettuce, I’m less intimidated […]

The YOURS Project

Something unbelievable is happening at one of my schools. It’s called the YOURS project and it’s an orchestra. It’s happening at Hibbard Elementary, a school where I’m stationed just 1.5 days a week (I speak Spanish and I’m shared between two school this year). The YOURS project is modeled after “El Sistema,” which is a […]

“The Asparagus Incident”

Getting his face painted at the very first Farmer’s Market Last weekend the town next to ours held their first Farmer’s Market of the summer. I was giddy with excitement. I planned an outing with some friends and off we went. I purchased strawberries and raspberries first. Charlie was insistent that he eat some right […]

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