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2012 CSA: Week 1 – Lettuce Tsunami

The first CSA of the year arrived! Seeing the box made me happy I decided to do go for it again this year. I think this year’s CSA is going to suit us well. First, it’s getting delivered to our house. Going to a drop off point was fine last year, especially since the CSA […]

Guest blog: How to Make Flowers Edible (and Which Flowers One Can Eat)

Just wanted to introduce a guest blog about something you may have never even considered before: eating flowers. Please exercise caution when eating flora and discuss this with a medical professional if you have health concerns. Since some flowers are toxic, this is something not to be taken lightly. However, if you are at a […]

Last year’s garden

Carrots from our garden Sorry for my absence, I’m getting back on my feet after a debilitating stomach bug. Maybe it was the 24 hour flu, but whatever terrible thing it was, I’m so grateful it’s over. I feel human again. But I’m behind on emails and responding to comments because of my illness. I […]

“Just pack!” and other ridiculous notions

Turkey burger with daiya cheese; bread and ketchup; brownie; pears; carrots and broccoli; fruit smoothie When people oppose school lunch reform, one of the comments I hear is “Parents should just pack a lunch for their kids.” If I hear that in the next week, I will have to hold myself back from laughing maniacally in […]

We Want to Cook: Chicago’s Lunch Professionals Campaign for Cooking

Yesterday 200 lunch professionals protested in front of the Chicago Board of Education demanding that real cooking be brought back to school cafeterias. They are sick of reheating frozen food and seeing it thrown away because kids don’t find it appetizing. The effort was organized by Real Food Real Jobs and it was covered by Fox […]

Guest Blog: French Kids Eat Everything

To start with, I never intended to write a book about children’s food! The idea for French Kids Eat Everything emerged from our experience of living in France for a year (in 2009). In 2008, soon after the birth of our second daughter, my husband and I decided to move back to his hometown in […]

Having an eco-friendly Easter

We celebrate Easter ’round here. It’s not something my (lapsed-Catholic) husband and (non-religious) I even paid attention to until we became parents. But the whole concept of the Easter bunny is too much fun for our son to miss out on. We don’t celebrate in a traditional sense: I guess you could say that it’s […]

Expo West: People Before Profit

I went to Expo West in early March in Los Angeles. A natural products convention might be a weird place for a school food reformer to be, but you might be surprised to learn who was there. I went with my buddy Andrew Wilder from the blog Eating Rules. If you peruse Andrew’s blog, you’ll […]

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