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5 ways to find your first CSA

I know it’s tax season and we all have a lot on our financial plates, but now is the time to start thinking about summer veggies straight from the farm and paying upfront for a summer of wellness. If you enjoyed my blog series about our first CSA last summer, now is the time to […]

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Pink slime: Get a load of this

If you’ve been following the pink slime story, you know that it has gotten huge. I find it interesting because important people like Michael Pollan and Jamie Oliver have been talking about it for several years, but it didn’t gather any momentum until Bettina Elias Siegel from The Lunch Tray started a petition on earlier […]

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One year later: Revisiting Breakfast in the Classroom

From left bottom corner (clockwise): Crispix cereal, “Danimals” pink yogurt, milk, fruit cup, jelly A year ago many schools started rolling out “universal breakfast” programs in Chicago Public Schools. I blogged about it then (See 2011’s: The Breakfast Series). Many of the benefits of the program continue: 1) Hungry students get something to eat before […]

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There’s no such thing as free lunch: CPS nutrition director’s ethics under investigation

Imagine my surprise when I opened the Sunday paper… Last week, the Chicago Tribune reported, “CPS IG investigating claims of improper gifts from district’s largest food vendor.” The investigation was triggered by an anonymous email sent to the Tribune last year. The email detailed allegations against Chartwells-Thompson Hospitality, which signed a new $53.2 million food […]

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Chicago Public Schools does NOT have “pink slime” in the cafeteria

  Back in the day — Day 68: hamburger (no pink slime!) Chicago Public Schools confirmed this week that they do not purchase pink slime from the USDA to serve to students in cafeterias across the Chicagoland area. Here’s the exact info from the article: “None of the meat served at CPS schools contains pink […]

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{Guest post} The New American Classroom: Farm-to-School Cooking in Berkeley

Mrs Q’s picture of last summer’s basil plant — yum! The New American Classroom: Farm-to-School Cooking in Berkeley By Carrie Fehr As we have become distant with our relationship to food, cooking at school offers children the opportunity to experience food in a completely new way, weighing each word, measuring each ingredient— it captivates all […]

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Pink slime? Waste not, want not?

  Last week it came out that the USDA is looking to buy 7 million pounds of “pink slime” for school lunches. If it sounds like pork spending, you’re close. It’s the ammonia-treated trimmings of beef left on the bone that has to be processed to be “edible.” Basically, it sounds weird and vile. Even […]

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Technical blogging difficulties

I hear crickets. Lots of crickets. Sorry I’ve been pretty much absent over the past couple weeks. I lost my blogging mojo at the same time I experienced connectivity issues here at home. Tonight my husband and I ended up abandoning my computer’s WIFI connection, moving my desk to the TV room, and hooking my […]

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