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Puerto Rican School Lunch

Fresh orange, white rice, garbanzo beans with pumpkin, seasoned pork that has been steamed & cooked in its juices, canned corn and carrots and chocolate milk Back in November, a reader (D. Orsini) sent in the above photo of a school lunch from Puerto Rico and gave permission for me to share it with my […]

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News: More students relying on free meals

More and more students are relying on their school to provide them with a meal during the day. I scan the news for information about school lunch and I can tell you that virtually every day there is at least one article about a community experiencing a surge in students in participation in the free […]

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Open thread: How do you start off a new year?

I can’t believe how little I posted this week, but I know why. I’ve two weeks off from work! Who is shocked that it’s 2012? Where has the time gone? I’m feeling an urgency. I want to do more with my life. This will be an exciting year. Stay tuned. But unlike 2010 when I […]

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Guest blog: Berkeley Schools, A Sustainable Food Model

Carrie Fehr begins her twelfth year as Chef Teacher for the cooking & gardening program in the Berkeley Unified School District.  She has developed an expansive repertoire of cooking lessons that skillfully integrate core academic subjects, culinary concepts, and nutrition education. The cooking classroom is a perfect match for Carrie’s love and passion for teaching children.  Her […]

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Blog Fog of 2011….Clear Skies in 2012!

Happy New Year! And happy two year blogoversary! Can you believe that two years have passed? Well, that pretty much blows my mind. I’m really excited about 2012 — it’s going to be a good one. I have some exciting stuff to share with you over the next couple months… I’ve been doing a lot […]

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