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Heart of gold

Cardiovascular disease is killing us and it’s something we don’t think about very often. Someone sent the following video to me: Go Red For Women presents: ‘Just a Little Heart Attack’ I love how lunch packing just puts her over the edge. Sometimes I get panicky when I’m trying to pack my son’s lunch, too! […]

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News: New School Lunch Regulations

Why is it that I’m always out of pocket when the “big” news items hit? I have had limited internet access over the past couple days as I was briefly out of town. Anyway, I’m finally digging into the information that Michelle Obama announced in conjunction with the USDA and what it all means. New […]

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What Chicago Lunch Ladies Think

In December 2011, Chicago Public School lunch ladies were (finally!) surveyed about their opinions on school lunches by their union (Source: Real Food, Real Jobs). The report releases today. Let’s recap who Chicago’s lunch ladies are: We are the 3,200 frontline workers who prepare over 77,000 school breakfasts and 280,000 school lunches each day for […]

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Feeding frenzy

Jellyfish shot I took over break at an aquarium. Something is happening with me. I feel an urgency to live life. Something in my head keeps telling me to getting going and “do it now!” So I’m busy trying to figure out it is I’m supposed to be doing. I feel a pressure to move, […]

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My Piece: 5 Ways Parents Can Improve School Lunch

I wrote this for and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please click over to read… 5 Ways Parents Can Improve School Lunch  

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SOPA/PIPA blackout

image via realising designs I guess by blogging right now I am actually blogging on a blackout day, but I just want you to be aware of the SOPA/PIPA internet restriction acts that are currently making their way through Congress right now. I’m concerned that they will restrict free speech in our country. Please educate yourself. […]

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Media: I was on the radio

I did a lot of media last year and sometimes I couldn’t even keep track of it all so I didn’t share links with you guys. But this weekend I was on KCRW’s ‘Good Food’ program out of Santa Monica/Los Angeles and I think you will enjoy the interview. If you would like to listen […]

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Open thread: School lunch fraud

Disclaimer: I am an employee of Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Any opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer. High school cafeteria in Chicago (image courtesy: Chicago Tribune) Another great investigative report by Monica Eng broke just yesterday: School free-lunch program dogged by abuses at CPS. This is highly […]

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