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Another boy!

I’ve been meaning to blog about my new son, but I have about 10 minutes of computer time per day if I’m lucky. I had a beautiful baby boy on November 15 — nine days early! We’re both doing great. I’m really enjoying the newborn period this time around, even with its challenges. I know […]

Taking a Maternity Leave from Blogging

(Me at roughly 37 weeks along) “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” -Rumi You’ve noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of blogging about school lunch. More recently there hasn’t been a lot of blogging. Much of this is related to […]

Check out: “Failing” at #Unprocessed

In September I blogged about signing up for “October Unprocessed” on Andrew’s blog, “Eating Rules.” I wasn’t able to eat unprocessed food the entire month. I just didn’t make it. Andrew invited me to submit a guest blog post about my experience, which you can read by clicking over: “Failing” at #Unprocessed. I’m in the last […]

Mrs Q’s News: Childhood Obesity, Puberty, and Cheetos

Our fall centerpiece  That wall of exhaustion big pregnant ladies hit when they don’t want to do anything anymore? Yep, I’m right there. 1) Should we blame overweight parents for child’s obesity? Piece by Minnesota Public Radio 2) Bad news: Boys Starting Puberty Earlier, Like Girls. 3) In case you missed it: Schools Take Aim […]

Cookbook Review: Weelicious

Weelicious! I’m guessing that many of you already know about the blog: Weelicious. Actually, I know you know about it because I remember back in the early days of this blog some of you referred me to her. Well, Catherine has come out with a book that I absolutely love (Full disclosure: While I was […]

Taking questions: Don’t forget about recess

 Being outdoors is good for you Q: I was wondering if you were going to approach the subject of school recesses? I’ve taught for [Redacted] City schools and every elementary school I taught at, I was a floating teacher, had recess scheduled out of the day. The main school I taught at wouldn’t allow students outside and had they […]

Mrs Q’s News: Calorie comparison, palm scanning machines, and the spork!

Pictured: Cabbages at the farmer’s market… You know how you get to that stage in your pregnancy when you don’t want to do anything? That’s right now. I pretty much can’t muster the energy to do what I need to be doing. I’m not a slacker, but I’m barely getting by. I have seven weeks […]

How to spend $20 at the farmer’s market

Pictured: Nine dollars worth of produce I’m lamenting the fact that in my area farmer’s markets will be ending for the season in just a few short weeks. Boo on that. Green pepper — $1 Corn — $0.50 per ear X 4 = $2 Tomatoes — $3 Little Cukes — $3 All of this produce […]

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