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Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Dec 12th

Charlie missed a day this past week due to illness and I took the day off to be home with him. Actually my husband even took the day off, too. So the three of us were home, which is the ideal way to take care of a sick child. No one parent was stressed and […]

Our summer trip to Rockford: The farm revisited (part one)

Postcard I picked up from the Rockford Art Museum, which says starting from top, “Most Dangerous Cities in America, Greetings from No. 9” Bottom right corner, “Safer than Baltimore, Rockford IL.” From the artists at Being from Wisconsin, I used to view Rockford, Illinois as a speed bump on the way to Chicago. The […]

Guest post: The Psychology of Children’s Eating: How to Leverage it for Good

Mark Lock is a research associate at Harvard Business School, blogger, foodie and avid social media experimenter. He works with Jason Riis and is involved with research on marketing interventions to increase consumption of healthy food. His blog on food psychology is at: I once overheard a friend say, “What is the deal with […]

Great Family Recipes: Lemon Chiffon Pudding and Molasses Creams

Every Monday during the month of December I’m going to share new and old family recipes.  Many of you wanted the recipe I mentioned in the last post for “Lemon Chiffon Pudding.” Although my grandmother chose that recipe to be printed in the paper, I have no memory of ever eating this pudding! The recipe […]

Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Dec 5th

So this week I found out that my son isn’t eating the cut oranges or any of his applesauce at school. These are foods he likes at home (more oranges than applesauce, but still). His caregiver told me, “Please don’t give Charlie any more applesauce. He’s not eating it.” I was floored. Just this week […]

Chicago public schools update

When I revealed myself on October 5th, the day my book was published, I received a friendly email from nutrition services of Chicago public schools, reaching out to me and suggesting a meeting. I replied immediately that I would love to meet and chat about school lunch in the district. We finally coordinated all our schedules […]

Guest blogger: Finnish School Lunches

I really enjoy learning more about what other countries do at lunch time and the national policies that govern their behavior. I hope you enjoy today’s guest blog post from a Finnish mother. Finland’s education system has been receiving worldwide praise. Yesterday, December 6th was Finland’s 94th anniversary of its separation from Russia. Note: many […]

NYT: Food Service Companies Cost $$$

Photo courtesy: New York Times Over the weekend this article appeared in the New York Times: How the Food Industry Eats Your Kid’s Lunch. Usually people in school food reform have a heads up when something big is coming. That article was huge and it came as a surprise. Lucy Komisar, the journalist who wrote […]

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