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School lunch news: Better lunches for high schoolers

Photo: Chicago Tribune I never heard of the company OrganicLife, but it sounds like they are doing amazing things here in Illinois. The article, Premium food on the plate in Niles high schools, is by Monica Eng. The company uses sales from paying customers to offset the costs of free and reduced lunches. Chef Ann is quoted […]

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Winner of the giveaway!

 The book without the dust jacket — I have to say I love the spork! There were 43 comments on my book giveaway blog post. I used random number generator to choose a number:  Number 17! The winner is Martha! Please email me: fedupwithlunchATgmailDOTcom Thank you to everyone who entered! Don’t worry, there will be […]

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Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Nov 7th

Recently I chatted with my son’s caregiver to get more information about how the lunches are going over. She told me that he eats well. However, sometimes his lunches are too big and that other times they are too small — then he complains of hunger. I think this is the struggle of many meal […]

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Open thread: Pizza = veggie?

Over the past couple weeks, Congress scaled back the new USDA guidelines for school lunch. First it was potatoes winning their right to stay on the daily menu and now the tomato sauce/paste on pizza will continue to qualify as a veggie. One Twitter friend suggested finding out all of the people who voted on […]

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My kind of town: Shedd Aquarium

This summer I took Charlie to the Shedd Aquarium. When I told him we were going to the aquarium, he told me that he wanted to bring a fishing pole. I tried get him to understand why we couldn’t do that but he didn’t get it. To him his logic was flawless: I like to […]

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Cooking up Change (Part three)

The last and final installment about my series on Cooking up Change. Read the first and second part to get caught up. Back to the Bridgeport Art Center where the place was filling up with hungry guests. From North-Grand High School: “The NG Spiced Turkey Wrap, Sweet and Spicy Rice, Nine Treasure Salad”  From Manley […]

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America’s Lesson Plan: Pizza is a Veggie!

I’ve developed a visual that I’m going to use when I teach the new rules to my students, many of whom have special needs. I think my terrific graphic about sums up yesterday’s ruling by Congress to amend the regulations to continue to allow pizza to be a vegetable. I’m hoping my students will grasp […]

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My school lunch videos (plus a book giveaway)

I created two videos using my school lunch photos with the help of Here’s the slow one: Mrs Q’s School Lunches (SLOW) (405 photos in 3 minutes) Here’s the fast one: Mrs Q’s School Lunches (FAST) (405 photos in 1 minute) The fast one is my favorite, especially after the ten second mark when the little […]

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