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NaBlogPoMo and other news

A month of daily posting is finally over. What a relief. I haven’t felt that kind of daily blogging pressure since I ate school lunch every day. I don’t like how it feels knowing I *have* to put something out there, but I think that my content this month was actually half-decent. I went a […]

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My kind of town: Chicago’s Union Station

When my parents moved crossed country four times, we went by train both ways. I fell in love with the vastness of the western United States looking out of the window of an Amtrak. A few years ago I found a little pink book with cover art by Mary Cassatt. When I opened the little […]

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Child Hunger: Feeding America’s Backpack Program

When people grow up, they look back and glorify the experience of childhood. We think, “Life was carefree and fun when I was a kid. I wish I appreciated it more.” But the truth is that when you are a kid, you are at the whims and mercy of adults. That’s why kids want to […]

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Lunch Wrap Up: Two week recap

The past two weeks have been weird. There have been odd days at work including report card pick-up day and a professional development day (that I took off). To keep things simple, I’m going to put two weeks worth of lunches up at once. Also I’m posting my biggest lunch packing failure thus far. I […]

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Open thread: Favorite cookbooks

Thank god for the internet. It’s so convenient when looking up recipes and ingredients. But I also have a cookbook collection that I treasure. It numbers about fifty cookbooks that I have accumulated over the years, mostly since getting married in 2003. Admittedly I don’t cook from most of them. In fact, I read that most people […]

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7 Free Activities for the Day After Thanksgiving

 “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” — George Carlin My mom attributes this quote to George Carlin so I’m going with it — do correct me if you know who originally said it. But it’s very true. Some people are freezing outside in lines […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving! It was our first gluten free holiday! What was left over — I took only an “after” shot! Top (left to right): Popovers (far left corner); mashed potatoes; strawberry jello (all natural); stuffing; “butter”; turkey Bottom: Sweet potatoes with marshmallows; green bean casserole; cranberry sauce; turkey gravy Giving thanks for […]

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My kind of town: Cloud Gate

I took these photos in October. It was Columbus Day and I was going to my interview with CNN. I decided to have lunch by The Bean. I know it’s supposed to be called “Cloud Gate,” but c’mon. It’s a magical silver bean. It was a beautiful day. I love those kind of autumn days. […]

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